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Your source for recent updates to Fathom Analytics and our simple, privacy-focused website analytics software. If you'd like to let us know which features we're working on, here's our roadmap and suggestion form.

Current status

We are currently working on Entry Pages, Exit Pages, more advanced UTM tracking and improving our core data. We expect to launch this shortly.

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Version 3 has entered early access. We are still finishing off various new features but we've deployed the new dashboard. Everyone can get involved. Here are the details.

March 2021

After many months and hundreds of hours of work, we have migrated to a new analytics database. It's much faster and is better suited to scale as we land bigger customers. It will also enable us to run more flexible queries, which we need for V3 (UTM drill-down, page drill-down, referrer drill-down, etc.). Exhilarating times.

February 2021

We spent all of February working on a huge analytics database migration, along with Version 3 work.

January 2021

We've been working hard on Version 3 throughout December & January. It's coming along nicely, and we know it's going to blow your mind when we launch it. We managed to launch our new privacy law compliance section, which has gone down really well.

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November 2020

Most of this month, we were dealing with a malicious DDoS attack. In response, we worked with security experts to help protect our infrastructure from future attacks.

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