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New updates and improvements to Fathom Analytics. We are constantly adding and refining features, based on customer feedback. Follow along!

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Feb 1, 2024

Updated email reports

Updated email reports

We’ve just rebuilt our email reports from the ground up! So, the next email report sent to you, your customers/clients, colleagues, or whoever receives it will be brand new.

They’ll now also send out much faster from our end, and we’ve improved a ton under the hood technically.

There’s now even more data in each report as well while maintaining a simple and calm “quick glance” at your stats:

  1. For single site reports, we now surface the top 3 most visited pages, top referrers and even top events for that site.
  2. For multi-site reports, we now surface totals for all the sites included, similar to the totals bar on your dashboard: visitors, views, average time on site, bounce rate, total event completions and even total value of each event (broken down by currency).

The design has also vastly improved and matches our newer brand updates from late last year.

Jan 1, 2024

New year, brand new website

New year, brand new website

We're starting 2024 with a bang and launching a new marketing site.

It's got a brand new design (light and dark mode of course), updated content, new pixel cats, and should be much faster to click around on as well.

One of the biggest changes is this changelog. From here on out, we're going to be better highlighting all the big (and small) changes, improvements and additions to our software here, so make sure you check back often, follow us on X, or grab the RSS feed.

We hope you enjoy the new design!

Dec 1, 2023

Sort by first column

Sort by first column

  • Sort by first column: you can now sort by the first column in data boxes (ASC and DESC).
  • Various speed improvements and data optimizations, plus current visitor was completely upgraded
  • Daily tooltip formatting now includes day of the week
  • API is now rate limited to manage our resources better. We've had to put this into place on our API as we noticed we were getting flooded with requests from a handful of customers and it was impacting our database performance for all customers.

Nov 1, 2023



  • We’ve added comparisons: so you can now compare any date range with any previous date range. Not just in the totals, but for every row of data! You can turn it off by selecting “No comparison” again.
  • We’ve added “click to unfilter”: so if you add a filter, that will be highlighted in the box the filter is for, and you can now click it again to remove that filter.
  • Our chart can now be grouped: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly - customizable by you (in the dropdown beside compare).
  • We slapped a fresh coat of paint on the dashboard too, so it looks 13.94% more spiffy.

Oct 1, 2023

No more uptime monitoring

  • Uptime monitoring is going away. Details
  • Tons of small bug fixes and quality of product updates

Jun 1, 2023

Current visitors speed

  • Improvements to invoices page. Easy way to see & pay failed invoices
  • Huge database migration along with ingest improvements
  • Fix chart formatter for Y axis
  • API error message & validation improvements
  • Added Danish Krone
  • Timezone fixes for dashboard due to renaming of Kiev
  • Huge improvements to current visitors speed (no, seriously, it's so fast now)
  • Moved our status page to Atlassian:

May 1, 2023

Google Analytics importer

Google Analytics importer is now live

Apr 1, 2023

Direct and unknown referrers added

  • Fixed bug where L wouldn't close date picker
  • Fixed chart zoom on shared dashboards
  • Switched minimum date om date picker
  • Remove https:// or http:// from the URL when filtering by referrer or domain
  • Introduced Direct / Unknown to Referrers box (Finally! It took a while as we had old data to account for. Remember, Fathom has been on the scene for many years)
  • Domain Stats fix (for multi-domain websites)
  • Deprecated pathname_raw in data export (we don't use this anywhere else). We will delete this in July as it's from the past.
  • An absolute TON of work on our Google Analytics Importer (coming this month)

Mar 1, 2023

Firewall settings

Unfortunately, custom domains are no longer offered. Please allow us to be fully transparent about why we've removed this feature:

Custom domains were always our best guess at how we could bypass ad-blockers... whose sole intent was to block us (even though we're privacy focused too). Meaning: we could (and repeatedly did) spend 100s of development hours on adjusting how we bypass ad-blockers, only to be blocked later on by a single line of code on their part. Those 100s of hours meant no new features could be worked on for Fathom, which is what we really want to be doing.

Currently, custom domains are blocked by uBlock and a few others, meaning they don't work the way they should. And none of us at Fathom want to offer a feature that doesn't work as it should to our customers—that's not the sort of business we're interested in running.

If you’re already using a custom domain, it’ll continue to work, but no information about it will appear on your script settings. But visitor data will continue to flow into Fathom without interruption or stoppage for as long as you use it.

Finally, we're currently working on something entirely different to allow you to bypass ad-blockers and make it look like our script isn't a third-party script. We'll be sure to let you know when it's available. More on this once we get some features out the door to customers like you have been asking us to build. :)

Other updates/fixes/improvements

  • Introduced blocked pages and the Firewall section of site settings, allowing you to block pages, countries, IPs and allow domains.
  • Pushed various bug fixes, tweaks to make Fathom incrementally better.
  • Moved allowed domains, blocked countries and blocked IPs to ingest our end. We used to handle this in the network firewall, where we'd return a 403, but this confused people.
  • Fix a pagination bug where we only ordered by the aggregation. We needed to order by the aggregate and then some kind of A-Z value
  • Continued work on our Google Analytics importer
  • Dashboard CSS & font upgrades (they're beautiful)
  • Show 0 on email reports instead of "-" when there's been no increase

Feb 1, 2023

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Introduced hotkeys on the dashboard

Jan 1, 2023

New year, new improvements

  • Reset pagination when changing tabs in dashboard
  • Refactor on currencies and added support for rand
  • Improvements on country searching
  • Added support for ?via in query string of URLs
  • Deployed a function to update GeoIP file on deployment to keep it up to date

Dec 1, 2022

Like filters

  • Laravel Tips section is now live!
  • Big improvements to difference labels in the totals box
  • Added UTC data to our demo to show off what Fathom can do
  • Uptime monitoring improvements
  • New currency: Vietnamese dong
  • Improved site picker search
  • You can now add a LIKE filter (search filter) to your events box (well, the whole dashboard)
  • Extended trial length from 7 days to 30 days. This is important because people need more time to play with analytics and see how much better Fathom is than their current solution ;)
  • Reverted Base64 changes in script.js
  • Add easier way to copy API key
  • Improvements to how we deploy & serve our script.js (and historical) JavaScript files. We removed some rules from our CDN so performance will be even faster now too.

Nov 1, 2022

Event filters

  • Event filters are live! So you can now filter your dashboard by event completions 🥳
  • Huge refactor of the date range core. This won't mean much for a lot of people but we've improved how we handle date ranges throughout Fathom
  • All time date range now shows the actual start date of the site

Oct 1, 2022

Dotted lines for incompete chart data

  • created a Fathom Analytics app (to collect data from your scheduling link on
  • You can now search your sites from the dropdown on your dashboard. For those of you with lots of sites, there’s also now pagination in that dropdown.
  • The chart now shows a dotted line when the data is incomplete (i.e. you’re looking at today and there’s 12 hours left in the day). That way you can better see if there’s a drop in stats vs just incomplete stats.

Sep 1, 2022

Added new currencies to events

  • Added Thai Baht and NOK Norwegian Krone as event currencies
  • Additional work on some secret projects

Aug 1, 2022

Date picker improvements

  • Dashboard Date picker improvements
  • All Sites improvements (server-side ordering)
  • Working on some secret projects
  • Internal tool improvements

Jul 1, 2022

Dashboard re-write finished

  • Launched our dashboard (well, entire app) re-write in Inertia.js & Vue.js to help us move faster as we scale and bring in more software engineers

Jun 1, 2022

Dashboard re-write

  • Added slight delay to notification emails, as they were slowing down the database (suffering from success!)
  • Continued working on dashboard re-write to Inertia.js & Vue.js

May 1, 2022

A need for speed

  • Dark mode fixes
  • Additional query optimizations for dashboard (we have a need for speed)
  • Added token endpoint to API
  • Added support for event currency via API
  • Working on dashboard re-write to Inertia.js & Vue.js

Apr 1, 2022

Box search feature

  • Improved speed of dashboard
  • Fixed bounce rate in email when value was 0%
  • Timeouts increased for API queries
  • Added sorting to goals box
  • Upgrade to goals box, allowing easier creation of goals and customization of currency
  • Gorgeous new tab interface for editing sites
  • Fixed a bug where multiple requests would sometimes fire on dashboard despite some boxes not being ready (you won't notice this one but it improves speed!)
  • Added ability to inject non-numeric Site ID into the ?site query string parameter on the dashboard. Useful for folks that are using our API
  • Upgraded the search feature in the dashboard boxes. You can now search for a value and we will filter all boxes, not just the box you search in. This has also been added to the API as IS LIKE and IS NOT LIKE
  • Added an RSS feed to our status page

Mar 1, 2022

UTM builder + codebase refactor

  • Launched our new UTM Builder
  • Launched gigantic codebase refactor which included all of our technical debt fixes. A huge technical achievement that most customers won't notice, but it lays the groundwork for essential development over the next few years

Feb 1, 2022

Automated tests added

  • Change the way that blocked countries work behind the scenes
  • Continued work on technical debt with 700+ automated tests being added

Jan 1, 2022

Google Analytics is illegal and Fathom isn’t

  • Worked on paying down some technical debt throughout the codebase
  • The Austrian DPA declared that Google Analytics is illegal, so we spent a few weeks responding to that, and dealing with a flood of new customers. We are the only analytics company on the market who offers EU Isolation without slowing down your website for US visitors, so everyone was choosing Fathom. We took the Schrems II ruling seriously back in 2020, worked hard to implement something in response to it, and our work was rewarded.
  • Allow Site ID to be set dynamically via fathom.setSite('SITEID') in our JavaScript file

Dec 1, 2021

Newsletter, DPA and terms updates 🎅

  • Worked on launching the Fathom Newsletter
  • Launched new terms & our new Data Processing Agreement
  • And honestly, we took it easy throughout December. We've been working hard this year and took December to calm down, recharge and strategize.

Nov 1, 2021

Dedicated CDN endpoints

  • We now offer you dedicated CDN endpoints, allowing you to block yourself, allow certain domains, and also have rapid performance around the globe. This is a huge innovation and we're so proud to have launched it
  • Moved our background queue back to serverless environment (so much better for us)

Oct 1, 2021

EU Isolation

  • Launched our monthly newsletter
  • Launched a brand new affiliates page, with much more detail
  • Added error messages to our analytics API to help with development (sorry it took so long, early access folks)
  • Fixed bounce rate colour (🇬🇧) in emails. Again, sorry this one took so long, it's been on the list for a while
  • Brand new error pages, which we hope you never see
  • We completely migrated our ingest point to a new CDN provider. Previously, our script.js file was served globally, but the actual ingest was in the US, meaning it was slower for folks who weren't in the US. Well now our ingest point (pageview/event collector) is globally available, meaning your TTFB (nerd term, sorry) will be much lower, and you can let the local edge perform the slower request using their enterprise network. Long story short, everything is faster and more distributed. Watch this space, because we're about to launch something even more incredible.
  • Fixes to dashboard boxes on mobile
  • Deprecated user agent from being read on the client of the script.js file (ePrivacy Directive requirement)
  • Launched EU Isolation. A gigantic innovation in the privacy-first analytics space.

Sep 1, 2021

Introduced entries to the dashboard

  • Introduced "Entries" to the dashboard
  • Changed terminology and added tooltips to all table headers on the dashboard.
  • Fixed filtering of blanks to factor in NULL values
  • Moved away from using updates in our pageview ingest queries, making it super scalable (it's now append only). Non-technical customers won't fully understand this but it was a HUGE upgrade for us, and ensures we can continue to scal
  • Dropped Redis caching and moved to a faster cache database
  • Fixed remember me not remembering you (sorry about that folks!)
  • Dark mode fixes in Firefox
  • General UI improvements
  • Dropped DynamoDB completely (read more here)
  • Improved queue speed to ensure even faster real time data
  • Huge optimizations to current visitors performance, making it much faster for folks who don't have the box expanded. Win for users, as it means we don't load extra data that they're not needing, and it's a win for our database CPU ;)
  • Fixed dashboard issue where the pagination icons wouldn't change as you went between sites
  • Launched multi-tennant analytics BETA, meaning you can have a single site dashboard for hundreds of thousands of unique site names.
  • Fixed client side versioning so that it's automatic, not manual, when we deploy (huge for us, users won't notice)
  • Launched a gorgeous new features page
  • Fixed asset deployment to hook into our new CDN set-up

Aug 1, 2021

BIG database migration

  • Implemented profanity checker for Site ID random generator (long story)
  • Changed "today" comparison to compare with the previous day up to the current hour
  • We no longer observe replaceState in our javascript file, as it was causing problems for lots of frameworks.
  • BIG database migration. We now have the fastest website analytics in the game. Seriously, test our dashboard against others. Throw hundreds of millions of pageviews at us, and our dashboard will still be rapid!
  • Launched API early access. Want in? Email us.
  • More optimizations to our dashboard, including utilizing SingleStore for caching
  • Added abilities to API tokens, so that you can create read only, admin or "tracking only"
  • Introduced insight into usage within the billing section, so you can easily monitor pageviews/events/api calls
  • Paid down so much tech debt. Developers, you know how it is, and you know how good it feels
  • Migrated to new dashboard provider, and placed it behind a new firewall & CDN. It's much faster and more protected now
  • Added a Roadmap section

Jul 1, 2021

New, live demo

  • Launched new demo and demo website. Fun project.
  • Added custom social sharing graphics to public dashboards. So if you share your public dashboard on Twitter, a gorgeous graphic with your site name is used
  • Big refactor to the way we collect pageviews. We've been growing fast, and we've modified things to be able to handle even more pageviews. This was phase one, and the gain has been huge, but phase two is going to be the biggest leap we've ever made. Keep an eye on our Twitter & changelog, as we'll surely share more when it happens
  • Fix bug where boxes would flash (and reload) two times
  • Added locking at visitor level. Long story short, if someone was refreshing a page really fast, it could cause issues. Very rare edge case but we wanted to add in "locking" (or reserving) to improve the accuracy of your analytics
  • Added link back to dashboard on settings page
  • Fixed some dark mode color issues
  • Fixed legend on graph
  • Made it more obvious that the UTM box is... the UTM box ;)

Jun 1, 2021

v3 launch

  • Re-added hash to path for SPA hash mode
  • We've been working on event/entry page filtering. No ETA yet but it's been a good chunk of work
  • We launched our new website!
  • We launched a new version of Fathom (formerly known as V3)
  • We've redirected all V3 early access links to the main Fathom application. So if you've shared any dashboards with your clients using, don't worry, we've got your back!
  • All sites view has draggable sites again
  • Ditched Redis, and moved to using DynamoDB (follow @JackEllis on Twitter if you're wanting to follow our data journey, as we're very public about our work)
  • Chart updates from "Tiny Wings" style to a straight one

May 1, 2021

All sites feature

  • Added iOS icon (if you save your dashboard to your homescreen)
  • # of currents switches to # of filters when filtering
  • You now have an "All Sites" option in your site selector. This page lets you view all of your sites at once, change the reporting periods, and monitor current visitors
  • Previously, "Last 7 days" would show a breakdown by hour. We've changed it so anything that's 2+ days will group by day. You can drag & zoom in if you want to see an hourly breakdown
  • You can now plot Avg time on site, Bounce rate and Event completions on the graph. This is really useful to see performance over time (e.g. is my bounce rate improving on my registration page? Are my event completions on the rise? etc.). To plot these, simply click the metric in the top, black box
  • You can now click the figures in the totals box to switch from absolute increase mode (e.g. pageviews +10 since last period) to percentage change mode (e.g. pageviews +10% since last period)
  • The whole left column is now clickable to filter. Previously you had to click the text to filter
  • Fixes to current visitors to ensure correct use of grid system
  • When there are no events, we now hide "Events completions" from the top black box
  • Added event completions to the All Sites view
  • Added delta (increase or decrease) to All Sites view
  • Added Y axis to All Sites view
  • Added pagination to child rows (paths) of Referrers
  • Various other bug fixes & implementing customer feedback

Apr 1, 2021

v3 Early access

Version 3 has entered early access. We are still finishing off various new features but we've deployed the new dashboard. Everyone can get involved. Here are the details.

Mar 1, 2021

Analytics database migration finished

After many months and hundreds of hours of work, we have migrated to a new analytics database. It's much faster and is better suited to scale as we land bigger customers. It will also enable us to run more flexible queries, which we need for V3 (UTM drill-down, page drill-down, referrer drill-down, etc.). Exhilarating times.

Feb 1, 2021

Analytics database migration

We spent all of February working on a huge analytics database migration, along with Version 3 work.

Jan 1, 2021

v3 work

We've been working hard on Version 3 throughout December & January. It's coming along nicely, and we know it's going to blow your mind when we launch it. We managed to launch our new privacy law compliance section, which has gone down really well.

Dec 1, 2020

Spam protection and data migration

  • Worked on data migration for Version 3 (we're moving to a much faster data store)
  • Improved chart x-axes ticks on dashboard
  • Converted a single, big dashboard request into multiple, faster ones. This was a huge refactor but the benefits are already being seen
  • More brand updates, including brand new cat drawings (done by Paul)
  • Improvements to our spam protection system

Nov 1, 2020

DDoS attack

Most of this month, we were dealing with a malicious DDoS attack. In response, we worked with security experts to help protect our infrastructure from future attacks.

  • Built admin functionality for clearing spam traffic
  • Moved current visitors from MySQL to DynamoDB to ensure faster performance
  • Fixd "Not a number" error on brand new events
  • We received expert guidance on configuring our firewall to protect our application from DDoS attacks
  • Added application level spam protection
  • Removed old code that was no longer in use

Oct 1, 2020

Phantom Analzyer

  • Switched previous range from using -1 month to using the actual previous date range
  • Optimizations to event tracking
  • Deployed some basic spam protection
  • Made significant progress on one of our secret projects
  • Launched Phantom Analzyer - a simple, real-time website scanner to see what invisible creepers are lurking in the shadows and collecting information about you.
  • Added new branding
  • More technical debt tidying

Sep 1, 2020

Technical debt reductions

  • Tidied up some technical debt. Specficially, we removed some excess deprecated to improve page speed.
  • We removed support for ?utm_source and ?ref temporarily. We never actually announced this but we were breaking out the ?ref and placing it in referrers. The downside is that you then lose the referrer value. So our recommendation, for those who noticed the experiment, is to just keep ?ref in place. We'll be "pulling it out" when we move to Version 3!
  • Started denormalizing hundreds of millions of stat entries ahead of our move to Elasticsearch
  • We now hide the events box on your shared dashboards if you don't have any events set-up
  • Speaking of shared dashboards, you can now hide the purple promotional banner. If you hide it, you don't get the chance to earn 25% comission on people you refer, but some people are fine with that.
  • You can now configure invoices to go to multiple people, not just your account email. This is great if you have an accountant or boss who needs the invoices.
  • Fixed an issue where Current Visitors would fire, continuously, when Fathom has logged you out. You wouldn't have noticed this, but we did, so we now redirect you to the login page once you lose your session.

Aug 1, 2020

Database and speed improvements

  • Removed the stats chart from mobile. Don't worry, we'll be adding it back in Version 3
  • Improvements to our database IOPS after one customer's analytics went super viral. We'll be moving to DynamoDB in Version 3 but this is a great solution for now
  • Improvements to database indexing, speeding up current visitors queries etc.
  • Limit current visitors to 150 pages as some customers were seeing thousands of entries (first world problem!)
  • Improved speed of data aggregation
  • Added total pageviews on hover. So if you see 1.1k in one of your rows, hover over it to see the actual figure
  • Added extra security to outbound links (noopener)
  • We now have a YouTube channel. But we only have one to reach an audience that is already using it. For others, we built a privacy-focused shield page that requires your consent before you visit YouTube. Radical? Perhaps. But we like it.
  • We wrote a ton of automation for various things to free up development time. This doesn't affect you (or excite you) in the slightest, I'm sure, but it's a win because it allows us to spend more time building Fathom

Jul 1, 2020

New Fathom cats

  • Our Fathom cats are now fully custom, and fully owned by us. Thanks Natalie @ SaltFlat Studios!
  • We now grab the visitor country from the IP. Previously we used the timezone to establish it. We use a locally hosted database to match the IP to country and we never send the IP to a third party service.
  • Tidied the sites table up as it was getting out of control with all the new features we've been adding
  • Added additional configuration for uptime monitoring. You can now customize the Check Interval and Notify After setting
  • After Cloudflare went crazy and broke the internet, we added throttling to our uptime monitoring feature. This way, you won't get flooded with up/down notifications

Jun 1, 2020

Uptime monitoring

  • Added uptime monitoring to all plans at no extra cost (NOTE: this has now been removed)
  • Added support for ?ref in URLs. So you can override the referrer. Great for tracking campaigns / sources

May 1, 2020

Support guides for installing our embed script

  • Moved our data collector & dashboard to edge-optimized set-up, meaning faster performance globally
  • Introduced a much more simple tracking code, with lots of goodies
  • Added support guides for installing Fathom in Ember.js, Gatsby.js, Ghost, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Webflow, Vue.js and Other SPAs
  • Deployed a gorgeous refactor to our aggregator. This will mean nothing to you, unless you're nerdy like us, but we moved our thread locks from MySQL to DynamoDB
  • You can now stop your analytics from tracking you. And guess what? You don't have to use a browser plugin or have a static IP!
  • Removed that external image from emails we send you. Our logo now comes as an attachment instead
  • Added the data export feature back but with so many improvements. Most people didn't care about this feature, since they have no plans to leave Fathom, but we needed to get this back online
  • Fixed a dashboard problem that would log you out if you clicked from another site / email

Apr 1, 2020

New podcast and malware fixes

  • We had our application reported as malware. We quickly contacted all relevant tools that were reporting us as malware and got them to remove us from their blacklists. We've added real time SSL monitoring and this won't happen again.
  • Added a new section for our podcast.

Mar 1, 2020

Huge aggregation refactors

Huge aggregation refactors to handle the growing number of new sites. Viral sites do not slow down aggregation for others.

Jan 1, 2020

Weekly and monthly email reports

  • Automate account locking if a user's invoice is unpaid for 1+ month. Less admin work = more time for the product
  • Automated affiliate payouts to save admin work
  • Released email reports weekly / monthly etc.

Dec 1, 2019

Introducing affiliate accounts

You can now become an affiliate of Fathom Analytics without having a paid subscription to our software. Sign up as an affiliate (for free) and start earning money by referring folks to Fathom Analytics.

  • Updated logout to be current device only, not all devices
  • Improved "Update credit card" process for failed payments
  • Introduced affiliate role, allowing people to register as affiliates without opening an account
  • Added remember user's preference for current visitors box

Nov 1, 2019

Our privacy-focused affiliate program is live

  • Created a privacy-focused affiliate program, 25% lifetime commissions. Read about it here.
  • Added "This Year" to date range picker
  • Improved automatic dunning to free up our time for development, not chasing invoices
  • Improved invoices sent via email (PDF)
  • Added email that goes out before yearly subscription renews
  • Fixed Firefox issue with red highlight on input boxes
  • Added notifications when 2FA is enabled / disabled on accounts
  • Improved caching of events
  • Added ability to convert dashboard boxes to percentage view (click the numbers)
  • Fixed currency on invoices
  • Created a WordPress plugin for our customers, to display the Fathom dashboard inside WordPress. Read about it here.
  • Added option to enable 2FA for our customers. Read about it here.

Oct 1, 2019

Launch of v2 and new marketing site

  • Launch of V2
  • New marketing site.
  • New dashboard with several new features, including: event tracking, live visitor details, weekly email reports, dashboard sharing, and under-the-hood speed improvements.
  • Added 7-day free trials for all plans.
  • New support articles added to public site.
  • We also created this changelog (how meta).

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