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Get paid 25% lifetime commissions when you refer customers to Fathom Analytics

news  Paul Jarvis · Nov 21, 2019

We initially didn’t want to build our own affiliate program, since so many of them exist already. But, we don’t know what data they store or track about the people who use them and share links from them, so we were left with only one choice: build our own, privacy-focused affiliate program for our customers.

Our affiliate program doesn’t store or share any personal information with our affiliates. It’s all private (just like our analytics). We just keep track of clicks and conversions (and show them to our customers on their affiliate page). That way, personal privacy online is protected.

Fathom is a great alternative to Google Analytics because it's simple website analytics with a focus on privacy. We’re also GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant, meaning our customers do not need to have those annoying cookie notices.

Now that Google Analytics is illegal in the EU, more and more people are looking for truly compliant alternatives, and Fathom fits the bill.

Affiliates of Fathom Analytics get 25% lifetime commissions. So if a customer signs up from your affiliate link for our $140/year plan, you would get $35. If that customer sticks around (which is probable, our churn rate is low), then you’d get $35 the following year. And then $35 again and again, every year, for the lifetime of that customer your referred being an active customer.

Now, $35 may not seem like a lot of money. But imagine if you referred 10 people, who bought our $140/year plan and they stuck around for years and years. It adds up.

Every person you refer also gets $10 credit on their first invoice. Which is pretty cool since we don’t offer any discounts on Fathom Analytics anywhere else. So $10 credit the best deal in town (well, online).

90% of trials convert to paid customers, and our churn rate sits way under average at 2%. We have thousands of happy customers, and Fathom gets better every day.

Learn more about our affiliate program or, if you’re a customer, learn how to set your account up and start using your affiliate URL.

If you aren't a customer, sign up now and start earning.

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