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Above Board, the official Fathom Analytics podcast

A podcast exploring running an independent + bootstrapped software (SaaS) company. Follow Jack and Paul (the co-founders) in their journey of building and growing Fathom Analytics.

Published every two weeks (or so), listen in on lively debates about growth, customers, software, and how they’re working to keep their business in line with their values.

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The Above Board podcast from Fathom Analytics

Version 3.5 and the shape of things to come with Fathom Analytics Version 3.5 and the shape of things to come with Fathom Analytics

Last week, we released several new features in our software and a fresh coat of paint in the UI. Jack and Paul discuss these features and how they relate to what’s coming up next, and they chat through the pricing increase that happened simultaneously.

Listen to the episode · Dec 18, 2023

Dealing with negative feedback Dealing with negative feedback

What do you do when you can’t always please all your customers? Jack and Paul discuss how they deal with negative feedback, the different types of negative feedback, when it’s valuable (and when it’s not), and even how they deal with negative feedback internally in the company.

Listen to the episode · Nov 14, 2023

SaaS founder time machine (questions) SaaS founder time machine (questions)

Jack and Paul get into what’s going on inside Fathom Analytics right now, and then answer some questions about what it was like starting the company, what they’d do differently (or the same), and if there’s anything they’d change if they had to start Fathom again.

Listen to the episode · Oct 30, 2023

Vacations for bootstrapped founders Vacations for bootstrapped founders

Can bootstrapped founders take time off for vacation? Is that even legal? And under what circumstances is that possible? Jack and Paul dive into vacations for indie founders, as well as a short update on what’s going on with Fathom Analytics on this episode of Above Board.

Listen to the episode · Oct 16, 2023

Paul’s perfect day (for productivity) Paul’s perfect day (for productivity)

Jack and Paul dive into Paul’s routine and how he approaches tasks and work that needs doing. They chat about motivation, complex work, focus and so much more.

Listen to the episode · Sep 25, 2023

Consultants for Startups Consultants for Startups

Jack and Paul dive into SaaS companies hiring consultants.

Listen to the episode · Aug 28, 2023

More of our episodes

Justin Jackson and Paul Jarvis chat about starting and maintaining a SaaS

Old friends Justin and Paul catch up for the first time in years and catch each other up on the state of Transistor and Fathom. They cover lots of lessons for new and veteran entrepreneurs, spanning their decades of experience in the world of indie software: cofounders, markets, surfing, experience, product moats, free time, the importance of putting things out there, and so much more.

Listen to the episode · Jul 31, 2023

Is a lot of startup advice incorrect?

Maybe it’s not even that advice is “incorrect”, maybe it’s just that it’s simplified to the point of being uselessly reductive.'

Listen to the episode · Jul 17, 2023

What does retirement look like for a SaaS founder?

Can we retire? Do we want to retire? Can we adjust our work now (pre-retirement) to get the most out of life while we’re still young (ish)? Jack and Paul dive into what retirement looks like both for each of them, but also what their retirement from Fathom could look like too.

Listen to the episode · Jul 1, 2023

What’s important when everything’s important in your company?

Jack and Paul get into a discussion about what happens when the company you started begins to do well, and you have to prioritize things that all seem equally important, and all seem like they need to get done at the same time. While they may not have any answers here, they do discuss what’s worked (and not worked) as far as Fathom Analytics is concerned.'

Listen to the episode · Jun 26, 2023
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