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Above Board, a podcast from Fathom Analytics

Can you make money and hold true to your values? Can you keep a profitable business “above board”? This is a podcast from Fathom Analytics.

Jack Ellis and Paul Jarvis (co-founders) explore running an ethical and privacy-focused company in 2019 and beyond. They’ll also be sharing an inside look at what it takes to create and sell their privacy-focused product without any outside funding or capital.

Listen in each week (or so) to a lively and honest debate about all things not simply "black and white" when trying to do the right thing for profit, people and the planet. The show is hosted by our friends at Transistor.

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How many hours of work is enough?

January 14, 2019 · 24 minutes · Listen

Jack and Paul ring in the new year with a hearty debate about how many hours you need to work per week. Is it as simple as “no more than 40”, or is this debate more nuanced?

How to win friends and influence features

December 3, 2019 · 31 minutes · Listen

Fathom has always held true to being a simple analytics platform with a focus on digital privacy. In this episode Jack and Paul discuss how new features are decided upon, how new features are prioritized, and how to manage expectations of what people want versus the fact that people are currently paying for the current features (and the number of customers is growing daily).

The open-source dilemma

November 18, 2019 · 23 minutes · Listen

Fathom Analytics started out fully open-source. Now, we have an open-source version and a paid version, where the paid version has more features. Jack and Paul hash out our honest reasoning behind not open-sourcing V2, and how we messed up by announcing V2 would be open-source, but then changing our minds (and why changing your mind is ok).

Announcing Above Board (trailer)

November 13, 2019 · 3 minutes · Listen

Welcome to the Above Board Podcast. In this podcast Jack Ellis and Paul Jarvis will discuss all things Fathom Analytics (the product they co-own), ethics and business, and whatever else comes up as they build and sell their software product.