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Features of our website analytics software

Fathom Analytics is quick and easy to set up with any website, CMS or programming framework. Here are all the features you need (see below) without any of the complexity.

Our software helps you understand your website visitors without spying on them. That’s why thousands of companies, from bootstrapped software companies to Fortune 100s, trust Fathom for their website analytics.

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All the data you need on a single page, so you can quickly figure out what’s happening on your website. See pages, referrers, devices, browsers, countries, events, and UTMs at a glance.

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Real-time metrics

We process data instantly, so you can see it reflected in your stats immediately. For reference, Google Analytics can take 24-48 hours to process and display your data.

Instant filters

Do you want to know how many people from Twitter signed up for your newsletter? Or see how your ad campaigns are converting? Add a filter to any piece of data and drill down.

Event conversions

Set up custom events for actions like button clicks, form submissions, and even ecommerce (with revenue). You can even assign different currencies to each event.

UTMs & Campaigns

Use UTMs to see which campaigns led to the highest gains for your company. You can even use them to track clicks from your email newsletters (on any newsletter platform).

Site totals

Get a snapshot of your live visitors and totals right at the top of your dashboard. See visitors, views, average time on site, bounce rate, and event completions - shown by the date range you’ve selected.

Live visitors

See who’s visiting your site right now, what page they’re looking at, and where they came from. The live visitors are also shown in the title if you’ve got Fathom Analytics open in a tab.

Forever data retention

The data on your dashboard stays on your dashboard forever. If you stick with us for 20 years (and we hope you do), you’ll be able to see historical data back to your first day of trialling Fathom Analytics.

All sites view

See data about every site on your account on a single screen with our all-sites view. This includes account totals for things like current visitors and bounce rate for every site on your account.

One click exports

You can export your data at any time into a CSV file. This allows you to perform further analysis, create custom reports, or integrate the data with other tools as needed.

Humans only

We automagically filter out bots, crawlers, DDoS attacks and other baddies—meaning your data is a more accurate picture of “humans who’ve visited your website.”

Dashboard sharing

Your dashboard is private by default, but you can make it publicly viewable or viewable with a shared password if you want.


If you have the same Site ID on multiple sites, you can turn on multi-domain to filter data by every domain present (this includes sub-domains as well).

Dark mode

Our dashboard (and every page of our software) is optimized for both light and dark modes, making it easy to read in any light conditions.

Many sites per account

Add up to 50 sites at no extra charge. Sites are separate from each other for granular access via dashboard sharing. Add more sites for a small additional fee.

Free from spying

Zero personal information is shown on dashboards, as it’s aggregated. That means you can learn how people use your site without spying on their individual data.

Site settings

Even though our software is simple, it’s packed with features you can adjust and use to customize exactly how you need it to work for each website on your account.

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Google Analytics importer

Save your data from being deleted forever in Universal Analytics. Import your historical data from UA or GA4, including goals, into a new or existing Fathom Analytics account.
Learn more about our GA importer

Email reports

Send yourself (or your clients) email reports every week or month, so you can keep track of your analytics without logging in. You can create reports for a single site, multiple sites, or even all your sites.


You can use our generic SPA mode if there’s no integration for your specific JavaScript framework. This checks if the History API is available; if it’s not, it falls back to listening to hash changes.

Allowed domains

If you only want data to be collected from specific domains, you can set them in your site settings. This is useful to avoid collecting data from your localhost or development environments.

IP blocking

Do you want to block your visits, your whole company or someone else? Add their IP address to the block list, and their visits won’t count when they visit your site. They’ll load your website, but our software won’t track them.

Country blocking

If you’re getting a ton of traffic from a country your business doesn’t serve, you can add that country to your block list. People from there will still be able to see your website, but their pageviews and analytics data won’t show up in Fathom.


Our API is easy to use and so powerful we use it ourselves to load data onto customer dashboards in our software. You can use it to integrate our data into anything or use one of our many pre-existing software integrations.

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Enable Fathom Analytics on your WordPress site without editing templates or code by installing our plugin.

Vue JS

The progressive JavaScript framework works out of the box with Fathom Analytics. Just add our one-line embed code with SPA mode set to auto.


Everyone’s favourite meeting scheduler has built-in integration with Fathom Analytics, meaning you can see data for all your scheduler links.


Add Fathom Analytics to your landing pages without having to edit code by adding your Site ID to the settings of the ConvertKit page. You can also use UTMs to collect data on campaign clicks when you send newsletters via ConvertKit.

See all our integrations

All integrations are listed in our help centre, and more are added all the time. Have you created an integration with a new software tool? Let us know.

Additional info

Fathom Analytics also offers the following to all customers on all plans for as long as they stick around.

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We’re here to help

Our email support staff has helped thousands of customers. We’re happy to help you if you’ve got questions, get stuck, or need a hand setting things up.

No cookie banners

You don’t need to clutter your site with a cookie banner for analytics because we don’t use cookies. Or track personal information. And we’re GDPR compliant.

Investment in privacy law

We’ve hired the best lawyers and legal professionals worldwide to vet our software and data collection model. So we’ve done the work to comply with privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy, PECR and more.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

If you manage a high-traffic website or web application, choose Fathom Analytics. Our software can scale indefinitely, runs on serverless infrastructure, and uses an enterprise-grade database solution.

European analytics

We automagically process all EU visitor data through our EU-located infrastructure, ensuring zero personal data ever leaves the EU.

We pay 25% commissions

Our affiliate program pays out forever, meaning if you refer someone to us and they stick around for 20 years, we’ll pay you 25% of their payments for 20 years.

Just a few of the companies already using Fathom Analytics
Mclaren Automative IBM HashiCorp GitHub New York Times Laravel

After switching to Fathom for my web properties, I find I'm more attentive to my sites because I'm always aware of how many people are on them and which pages are most popular.

Caleb Porzio Caleb Porzio
Creator of Alpine.js

Our new Vue.js website has been using Fathom because I like how it’s lightweight and respects user privacy.

Evan You Evan You
Creator of Vue.js

Fathom Analytics is a great Google Analytics alternative because it is focused on protecting visitors’ privacy and does not bog down loading times, leading to faster websites.

Nathalie Lussier Nathalie Lussier
Founder of

Don’t see the feature you’re looking for?

That means it’s not part of our software. We’re very intentional about what we build, especially if a feature could relate to privacy or GDPR compliance. We’re also a tiny company, so our focus is building features that have the greatest impact for the greatest number of our customers.


If a feature isn’t listed here or documented in our help centre, it’s not part of our software. That said, it may be in development already and listed on our roadmap.

Frequently asked questions (and answers)

Does Fathom Analytics use cookies?

No, Fathom does not use cookies. So you don’t need an ugly consent/cookie banner for analytics when you use Fathom. You can learn more about how Fathom works and processes data on our data journey page.

Is Fathom Analytics GDPR compliant?

Yes, we put GDPR compliance at the top of our list when making decisions about our software. We are privacy-first, so privacy laws come before some features we could build.

What is Fathom Analytics doing with my data?

Glad you asked since we’re radically transparent about how data is processed and stored within Fathom. Our anonymization methods have become the industry standard in the digital privacy world, and we’re proud we’ve continued to innovate with features like EU isolation.

Can I host the data locally?

No, Fathom is a hosted solution for very good reasons. We can process pageviews via our global CDN network and use our enterprise-grade infrastructure to load our customer dashboards blazingly fast. It also means we can ensure GDPR compliance as we process EU visitor data in the EU (and intelligently route all other traffic).

Who owns my data?

Our customers do. We sell software, not data. In contrast, other analytics products offer their software for “free” because they profit from your data.

How do I opt-out of being tracked?

Fathom technically doesn’t track any individuals, as we anonymize all data through hashes and salts. That said, if you don’t want your pageviews to show up on your Fathom dashboard, you can block your IP or run a little script from your browser console to opt out. Fathom can also be set up to honour DNT.

Do you support goal tracking?

We do! They’re called events in Fathom and are easily set up to track goals like newsletter signups, link clicks or even ecommerce sales. Event parameters will be available for all events later (we’ll let customers know when this launches).

Can I import Google Analytics into Fathom?

Absolutely! Since Google is discontinuing Universal Analytics and removing your historical data, we’ve built an importer to help you save your UA data (as well as GA4 data), and conveniently access it from your Fathom dashboard forever in a few steps. And rest assured, importing GA data is done in a privacy-focused way.

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Fathom Analytics is simpler, more accurate and privacy-first. Import your Google Analytics data (UA and GA4), add our single line of code, and watch real-time analytics from your site pour in.

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