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A Google Analytics alternative that’s privacy-focused and cookie-free

Fathom helps you understand your website visitors without spying on them. That’s why thousands of companies, from bootstrapped software companies to Fortune 100s, trust Fathom for their website analytics.

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GA Importer for UA and GA4

Google Analytics importer

Fathom Analytics has built a Google Analytics importer which imports UA data. Our quick-to-use and straightforward import tool allows you to save your Google Analytics data forever into our easy-to-use dashboard.

Learn more about our GA Importer

Don’t clutter your website with annoying cookie banners

By using Fathom, you don’t need a cookie consent banner that annoys visitors, clutters your website and slows down your page speed. We don’t even use cookies to collect privacy-focused website analytics data for you.

Don’t clutter your website with annoying cookie banners Protect the privacy of your website visitors and customers

Protect the privacy of your website visitors and customers

We’re fully GDPR, ePrivacy, PECR and CCPA compliant because our business model focuses on digital privacy at its core. We’ve invested heavily in the world’s leading privacy lawyers and experts to ensure Fathom meets and exceeds privacy laws.

Get the information you need to make business decisions quickly

Learn in real-time what pages are popular, who’s sending traffic to your website, what campaigns are doing well and what products are selling the best, all from our simple, easy to use dashboard.

Get the information you need to make business decisions quickly Get started for free View a live demo 30-day free trial   No cookie notices required   GDPR Compliant
  And so many more features...  

A single line of code that works with every CMS, application and framework

Use Fathom with whatever powers your website or app from WordPress, Ghost, Webflow, Next.js, Nuxt.js, and so much more. All you have to do is add a single line of javascript code.

Fathom is better for your SEO and page speeds than Google Analytics

Our script is smaller and loads faster than Google Analytics by quite a bit. So Fathom is better for your SEO and page speed than using Google Analytics (plus, Google’s search doesn’t punish your ranking if you use Fathom).

Every plan comes with unlimited data retention.

Fathom shows you all of your data on your dashboard (not just the last seven days or six months). So whether you’re a brand new customer or someone who’s been with us for years, you can quickly see your analytics across any timeframe.

Enterprise-grade, infinitely scaling infrastructure

Even if your site goes viral, our platform will keep collecting stats and keep your dashboard loading quickly. Our database technology is the same that companies like Intel, Sony, Dell, and Uber use to quickly process vast amounts of data.

UTM campaign and event tracking

You can focus on digital privacy but still see marketing details that help you make business decisions, like which campaigns led to the highest gains for your company (of anything from product sales to mailing list signups to software trial conversions).

Export your data any time via CSV

Your data is yours, not ours. So you can export it in a readable CSV format whenever you’d like. We don’t need to lock you in or hold your data hostage.

Investment in privacy law compliance

We don’t guess on privacy laws or use boiler-plate templates for compliance. Instead, we’ve invested in the world’s leading privacy law experts to review and vet our policies and technologies as they relate to GDPR, PECR, CCPA and more.

Additional Fathom features

  • Filter your data and drill into what’s important
  • Make each dashboard private, public or passworded
  • Collect data and filter for multi-domain website properties
  • All sites view to see all your data on a single page
  • Dark-mode for those late-night stats-crunching sessions
  • Amazing referral program, we pay 25% commissions for life
Get started for free View a live demo 30-day free trial   No cookie notices required   GDPR Compliant

Frequently asked questions about Fathom

Does Fathom Analytics use cookies?

No, Fathom does not use cookies. This is why you don’t need an ugly consent/cookie banner for analytics when you use Fathom. You can learn more about how Fathom works and processing data on our data journey page.

Is Fathom Analytics GDPR compliant?

Yes, we put GDPR compliance at the top of our list when making decisions about our software. We are privacy-first, so privacy laws come before some features we could build. You can read more about our GDPR compliant website analytics software.

What is Fathom Analytics doing with my data?

Glad you asked since we’re radically transparent about how data is processed and stored within Fathom. Our anonymization methods have become industry standards in the digital privacy world.

Can I host the data locally?

No, Fathom is a hosted solution for very good reasons. This means we can process pageviews via our global CDN network and use our enterprise-grade infrastructure to load our customer dashboards blazingly fast. It also means we can ensure GDPR compliance as we process EU visitor data in the EU on EU-owned servers (and intelligently route other traffic).

Who owns my data?

Our customers do. We sell software, not data. That’s why we offer full data exports for all customers. Our business model charges a fair price to use our software. In contrast, other analytics are run by advertising companies, who offer their software for “free” because they profit from the data.

How do I opt out of being tracked?

Fathom technically doesn’t track any individuals, as we anonymize all data through hashes and salts. That said, if you don’t want your pageviews to show up on your Fathom dashboard, you can block your IP or run a little script from your browser console to opt out. Fathom can also be set up to honour DNT.

Do you support goal tracking?

We do! They’re called events in Fathom, and they’re very easy to set up to track goals like newsletter signups, link clicks or even e-commerce sales. Event parameters will be available for all events at a later date (we'll let customers know when this launches).

Can I connect Fathom to Google Search Console?

No yet! But it’s a feature we're committed to building in the future. Since Google Search Console is the only way to see your search terms from Google (they encrypt this data), integration is necessary to see what people are searching for when they click on your site.

Can I import Google Analytics into Fathom?

Absolutely! Since Google is discontinuing Universal Analytics and removing your historical data, we’ve built an importer to help you save your UA data (as well as GA4 data), and conveniently access it from your Fathom dashboard forever in a few steps. And rest assured, importing GA data is done in a privacy-focused way.

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