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Understand your website visitors without spying on them

Fathom is website analytics with zero compromises. You get all the data and knowledge you need to use your website to generate leads and revenue. And you don't have to invade anyone's privacy or break any privacy laws doing it.

Uncomplicated data at a glance

Do you really know how to run every report or get to every page in Google Analytics? Us neither. That's why general stats in Fathom live on a single screen, so you can quickly see a snapshot of your whole website.

Google Analytics is blocked by millions

Ad blockers are used by more and more people, and they block external scripts like Google Analytics and other website analytics software. This is why Fathom created a new method of by-passing ad blockers in a privacy-focused way, so you can see all of your visitor data, not just half of it.

Filtering made easy

Right from your dashboard, you can filter data quickly by clicking on things like content, referrers or goals. You can do things like only show completed goals from your about page or show your content but exclude your one viral post.

Investment in privacy law compliance

We've spent thousands of hours and hired legal professionals from around the world to ensure our software is entirely GDPR, CCPA, PECR, ePrivacy, and COPPA compliant. The bonus here is you don't need an annoying cookie notice for analytics if you use Fathom (you're welcome).

Receive weekly/monthly reports

Get a snapshot of your website or websites delivered to your inbox, so you can see your critical stats without even having to log into Fathom. These reports can be setup for any dashboard (or all of them) and sent to anyone (at your company, to your clients, whomever you want).

Don't be the last person to know your site is offline

With notifications, you can get alerted via email, text, Telegram or Slack if your website is offline. That way, you can see what's happening before the rest of the world knows something's broken.

Access for everyone (or no one)

Want to grant access to specific website dashboards for particular clients/employees? Or make your dashboard 100% public? Fathom lets you create private, public or passworded dashboards without needing an account at all.

And more:

  • All sites view
  • Dark mode
  • UTM tracking
  • Search in dashboard boxes
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