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Something’s new in Fathom… everything!

news  Paul Jarvis · Jun 29, 2021

When you signup or log into Fathom today, you’ll notice a lot has changed! It’s still the same great Fathom, but with a slightly new look and easier ways to do everyday tasks.

In this new release, we’ve focused on refining existing features and adding a few more useful tools as well.

  • A refreshed design. Still clean, still easy to use, but with new cohesive style elements. PS: Dark mode is here (which you can turn on/off in settings).
  • Filtering content. That means you’ll be able to include or exclude data from your dashboard when you view it.
  • New graph. Not only is the design updated, but you can now also plot average time on page, bounce rate, and event completions on the graph. And if you filter content, the graph automagically updates.
  • UTM parameters. You can now see your ad or newsletter campaign details right from the dashboard and even filter by medium, source and campaign.
  • All sites mode. There’s now a page where you can see a snapshot of data for ALL your sites (up to 50) on a single page.
  • Refs. Refs will show in your referrers box if any URL that’s hit your site includes one. What’s a ref? It’s a parameter that’s used in a URL sometimes, like:

A look ahead

Three years ago, Fathom Analytics created this “privacy-focused, simple analytics” movement. And, we’ve continually innovated as leaders in this space, all without compromising our privacy-first approach.

We believe this new release helps pave the way towards the future of privacy-focused analytics. And sure, that may sound like marketing-ese, but we’ve honestly spent a ton of time thinking through everything (no detail was too small) and testing each new update thoroughly. A special thank you to the hundreds of customers who helped us with early access.

During the last 12 months (which included the pandemic), we’ve seen a 200% growth in revenue and customers, and we’re honoured to have customers around the world, big and small companies trusting us with their analytics and processing well over 100-million page views every month.

Funnily enough, when you spend a long time creating something new, the first question everyone asks is, “so what’s next?” And that’s fair enough since both customers and competitors look to us for innovation.

So, with this release now live, we will be shifting our focus onto the following features. There is no ETA, but we are actively working on, testing and documenting the following: an API, Google Search Console integration, Event parameters/variables, User accounts, IP/Country blocking, and EU isolation. Basically: this new release is just the beginning.

PS: As always with software, even though we’ve spent hundreds of hours testing, and had hundreds of customers test this release, there may still be the odd bug or use case that isn’t working as expected. If you notice something isn’t quite right, let us know, it’ll go straight to our support inbox.

PPS: a lot has happened since this post was published, here's the update

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