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If Fathom isn't working on your site

The uptime of Fathom is basically 100%, and Fathom displays your analytics in real-time. This means if you believe you have added our embed script correctly and no visits are showing up, there’s a problem with your configuration.

If you view the source code of a page on your site, search for script.js, there should be at least one result, and it should look like the script code with a data-site value that matches your site’s Site ID. If there are zero results, you need to add the script to your site. The script code must be identical to what’s in your site settings under Embed code, or Fathom won’t work.

Some common configuration issues

  1. First things first, did you add our embed code to your site? And if so, did you add it to every page? If you aren’t sure, view the source code and ensure our embed code is showing up exactly as it looks on your site settings page. Then, click over to the Network and make sure you’re seeing our script (not in red) on the list.
  2. If you’re using WordPress, exclude our script from any caching, minifying, or javascript combining plugins. This is the most common error, so if you use WordPress, check this out first. WPRocket and SiteGround Optimizer, for example, break our script until you add it to their exclusion list.
  3. If you’re using SPA or developer framework, you may not be injecting our embed code properly.
  4. Does your site use a CSP (Content Security Policy)? If so, add our script to the allowed domains.
  5. If you use a cache, purge it and check Fathom again.
  6. Do you have a browser extension that’s blocking Fathom?
  7. Are you excluding yourself? Funnily enough, a non-zero number of customers block their own visits, then immediately contact us wondering why Fathom isn’t collecting their visits 😂.
  8. You may have misconfigured allowed domains in your site settings. Misspellings, missing a www., etc.
  9. Are you running a browser extension that blocks all third-party javascript?
  10. You haven’t added the data-site="" value, or it’s incorrect.
  11. If you only see your homepage in the data on your dashboard, check your canonicals.

Once you've checked all these items, if you still cannot figure out why Fathom isn't working on your specific site, get in touch with support.

If you still have questions or require help with anything, please reach out to us and we'll happily get things sorted out for you.

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