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Why is Fathom better than European-only providers?

Not to throw shade at any other analytics providers (we’re all competing against Big Tech together), but having “EU-only analytics” can also slow down your analytics for people not in the EU.

The European Commission has given an adequacy ruling for Canada, so using Fathom (we’re a Canadian company) means you’re just as compliant with GDPR and Schrems II. If, for some reason, Canada loses its adequacy decision (extremely unlikely), Fathom is 50% European owned, so we’d open a separate company in Europe that would take over processing EU traffic.

As per the GDPR (Schrems II ruling), EU visitor data has to be processed in the EU on servers provided by an EU hosting provider or a hosting provider with an adequacy ruling (Fathom does this). But, that doesn’t mean visitor data from everywhere else should be processed in the EU, as that slows everything down.

That’s why we intelligently route visitor data to multiple locations worldwide, not just the EU.

EU isolation

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