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Site firewall settings

Some settings, like canonicals and DNT can be adjusted in your embed script’s advanced settings. Other settings (like the ones below) can be adjusted from within your Fathom account.

To adjust your firewall settings, go to Settings, then Sites, click on your site, then click the Firewall tab.

Note: if you've blocked pages, or IPs, or domains, or countries, people visiting them or visiting from blocked things will still be able to see your site and click around. Their visits just won't be collected as data on your Fathom dashboard.

Blocked pages

To block a page, multiple pages or use wildcards to block pages, add the pathname to the Blocked pages section on the Firewall tab. For example:


The above would block both of those pages. If you wanted to block all the pages under the /about page, so pages like /about/team and /about/luna and so on, you'd add a wildcard:


For blocked pages, you can't add the domain (hostname) or http:// or https://, just add the path after the domain. If a visitor to your site goes to a blocked page, that pageview will not be tracked. If they're a current visitor, it'll show them as still on the previous page (as their view of the new page was blocked).

Visitors who visit blocked pages do not count as pageviews, so they do not count against your payment plan allotment of pageviews.

Blocked IPs

To block your IP, someone else's IP or a group of IPs, add the IP to the Blocked IPs section in the Firewall tab. Note that IP blocking takes about 60 seconds to take affect.

For example:

The above would block both of those IP addresses. That means if one of them was yours and you visited your website, your visit would not show up on the dashboard stats. If you wanted to block a group of IP addresses, you could use a wildcard:


That means anyone with an IP address that started with 100.100.100. would be blocked. So, 100.100.100..123, etc, would all be blocked.

Only IPv4 is supported currently.

Blocked countries

Like IP blocking, you can block specific visits from anyone within a country.

Why would you do this? Say you’re getting a ton of traffic from a country that your business doesn’t serve; simply add that country to your block list. They’ll still be able to see your website, but their page views and analytics data won’t show up in Fathom.

Allowed domains

If you want to only allow data to be collected from specific domains, add them to the Allowed domains section of your firewall settings page. Domains should be entered one per line (no commas).

Once you add one or more allowed domains, this means data coming from any other domain will be blocked instantly. This is useful if you do not want to collect data from your local development environment or are worried that other people may be using your script (by accident or otherwise).

We support wildcards here, so you can use:


This then allows only subdomains of, so: and, etc. But note: using * would not allow, so be careful.

If you want to only allow data from your site and use both the root domain and subdomains, you'd allow:


And that would cover all subdomains and your root domain.

If you still have questions or require help with anything, please reach out to us and we'll happily get things sorted out for you.

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