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Why am I seeing UTM parameters I didn't make?

Since we launched UTM parameters in the dashboard, we’ve had a few questions from customers who may see UTM data they didn’t create.

That’s because anyone can use a UTM campaign and link to your site. Here’s an example:

  1. Say I’m the website owner of and I link to my analytics company,
  2. I’m so used to using UTM on everything, I create the link on my own site ( to
  3. Now, because Fathom keeps track of referrers and UTMs in those referrers, we’d show hilarious-good-analytics in your Campaigns tab in our UTM box on your dashboard, and website in your Mediums tab.
  4. So while, Fathom didn’t create the campaign, it’s still in use and people are clicking it from to, and hence is tracked on your dashboard.

This is why UTM data shows up on your dashboard, even if you've never created any UTM campaigns.

If you still have questions or require help with anything, please reach out to us and we'll happily get things sorted out for you.

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