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WordPress analytics

If you have a WordPress website, you can either copy/paste your Fathom Pro tracking code into your footer theme file, or use our WordPress plugin.

By using Fathom Analytics for WordPress you can view your Fathom dashboard directly within your WordPress admin area (cool, right?).

In order to show your Fathom dashboard inside WordPress, your dashboard has to be shared.

Here’s how you set it up:

  1. Download the Fathom Analytics plugin
  2. Log into Wordpress
  3. Go to Plugins, Add New
  4. Search for Fathom Analytics
  5. Click Install Now, then Activate
  6. Go to Settings, then Fathom Analytics
  7. Type in your SiteID. If you don’t know your SiteId, log into Fathom, go to Settings, Sites, then your SiteID will be beside the name of your site
  8. If your dashboard is public, leave “Fathom share password” blank. If your dashboard is privately shared, then type in the share password
  9. Leave Fathom URL set to

Taking the above steps automatically places the Fathom tracking code into the footer of every page of your WordPress site.

If you now want to see your Fathom dashboard from within Wordpress, make sure “Display Analytics Menu Item” is checked off. Hit Save Changes, and you’ll see Analytics on the menu in WordPress on the lefthand side.

Download Fathom Analytics for WordPress here.

If your WordPress site isn't showing new analytics, even after you've installed our plugin, read this

WordPress can sometimes be tricky because there are a lot of moving parts (plugins, themes, extra code, etc). If you've installed our plugin, you've set it up with a custom domain or left the URL blank and you still aren't seeing analytics on your dashboard, it's probably one of things:

  1. You're using a caching plugin (like WPRocket). Look for a way in that plugin to "exclude" our script from being cached, as our script loads from our servers, not from your local install (that's why our script is so fast).
  2. You're using a plugin is combining our javascript with local scripts. Look for a setting in that plugin to "exclude" our script from being combined with any other javascript, because our script will not work if it's combined with local scripts (since it's not local).
  3. You're using a plugin is minifying our javascript with local scripts. Look for a setting in that plugin to "exclude" our script from being minified with any other javascript, because our script will not work if it's minified locally (since it's not local).
  4. Your dashboard is set to private. If you see a 404 page when trying to view your dashboard from within WordPress, it's because you haven't set your dashboard to shared.
  5. If you use SG Optimizer, you have to turn off the following setting: SG Optimizer > Frontend >JavaScript and deactivate the Combine JavaScript Files feature. Or check out work-around for SGO.

To exclude our script from any of the above scenarios, add either to the exclusions if you are not using a custom domain, and if you are, then exclude where "youranimal" is the custom sub domain we gave you and "" is the top level custom domain you created.

If you are not seeing your own visits to your site:

  1. Make sure you've not ticked off "Hide admin visits" in the settings for Fathom within WordPress.
  2. Make sure you haven't blocked your IP in your site firewall settings.
  3. Make sure you haven't blocked yourself in your browser console.

Further customization

To learn about all the options we offer, read our advanced documentation here.

If you still have questions or require help with anything, please reach out to us and we'll happily get things sorted out for you.