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Dashboard terminology

All software products have their own distinct language (nomenclature) for describing what they do. Here are the words we use to describe the data we collect for our customers:

  • A visitor is a unique person who's visited your site.
  • A view is the total amount of times a page is viewed.
  • A page visitor (in the Pages box only) is a person unique to that page. In contrast to a visitor (who is unique to your site).
  • Entries are pages people entered your site on. So each visitor has a single entry page (the page they came in on).
  • A referrer is a website that has a link to your website. If a referrer does not provide referral information to Fathom, we, unfortunately, cannot collect data about it (but you can use UTM tags to get around this if you are the one creating the link).
  • A ref in a URL is a parameter used to identify the referral source that directed the visitor to your website (i.e.
  • Events are anything you want to collect data about which isn’t a regular page view (like a button click on a form).
  • A referral is when someone uses your unique referral URL and signs up for Fathom (earning you commission).

See our dashboard explainer for a full explanation of how our dashboard works.

If you still have questions or require help with anything, please reach out to us and we'll happily get things sorted out for you.

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