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Exceeding your plan limits

Firstly, we only stop collecting website analytics data if invoices are unpaid for many months and our emails are ignored. Outside of that, we don’t stop collecting data, even if you go over your plan or miss paying an invoice for a short while.

We also don't do automatic upgrades either (we believe you should control this). Instead, we initiate an email sequence when either of the following happens:

  1. You go over your views by more than 30% in the first month of using Fathom on your website.
  2. You have been under 100,000 for more than one month but have two consecutive months of 130,000+ (30% overage).

When this happens, we perform the following via email:

  • Day 1: Friendly request with a link in the email to upgrade.
  • Day 4: Reminder to upgrade your account within the next three days, or your account will be locked.
  • Day 7: We lock your account. Your account will continue to process analytics data, but it will be locked until you upgrade their account.

So even if you go over your monthly plan, we do not stop collecting data. And if you do go over and don't take action to upgrade, we still do not stop collecting data (we just lock your account until it's resolved/upgraded).

We feel this is the most transparent and fair way to do things for our customers (because things can happen, like a viral site or a credit card expiring) to keep the analytics collecting for as long as possible.

If you still have questions or require help with anything, please reach out to us and we'll happily get things sorted out for you.

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