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Discount codes

The long and short of it is, Fathom Analytics has no discounts, no sales, we do not price reduce for any reason.

While it can feel great to snag a deal on something, we’ve priced our software in a way that makes sense at its regular price. We also feel that it’s only fair if everyone pays the same price as everyone else.

Since no one gets a deal, everyone who pays regular price can feel good knowing they got the best price possible.

The discount every single customer can take advantage of at any time is by paying yearly for any Fathom Analytics plan. That gives you 17% off our monthly prices.

Fathom Analytics Black Friday sale

Lots of companies mark up their “regular prices” so they can still have great margins when they put their product on sale several times a year, especially on Black Friday.

There’s no shade or judgement from us for doing that, but Fathom Analytics does not and will never participate in Black Friday. Our prices are our prices, every single day of the year. And, we feel like they’re great value!

The caveat, Fathom Analytic’s only discount code

The only way to get a discount on our first bill is by using one of our affiliate referral links. It gives you $10 credit on your first bill, and the affiliate gets something too (it’s a win-win).

You can find an affiliate link by searching the web or Twitter for them. Or, you can even find one in the source code of this page ;)

If you still have questions or require help with anything, please reach out to us and we'll happily get things sorted out for you.

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