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Dashboard filtering

You can add a filter by clicking a row, and then it’ll show up at the top of your dashboard, like “Path is /blog” if you clicked on “/blog” in your content box.

You can also reverse the filter by clicking “is” to change it to “is not”. By doing that, you are telling that filter to show you everything that isn’t that filter. So if you have a filter for “/blog” and you click “is not” it’ll show you everything that’s not related to “/blog”.

Filters are useful because they can show you much more specific information about your site. So if you filter by “Google” in referrers you can now see which content on your site came from “Google”. Or, if you filter by “/blog”, you can now see which referrers hit that page. You can also add them for browser, country, and device type.

You can add multiple filters too, so you can drill into a content row, then add a filter by referrer, then by device type. With multiple referrers, it shows you only the data that makes ALL filters.

Note: If you want to open a link to your site or to a referrer from your dashboard click it while holding down Command (on a Mac) or Windows (on a PC).

Also note: Data that’s filtered prior to March 13, 2021 may not behave as expected because that’s the date we launched our new data schema (to get ready for filters).

Fathom Analytics (new release filters)

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