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Exclude your own visits from your Fathom stats

If your website doesn’t have a lot of traffic, you may not want to skew your stats when you are browsing it. To that end, it’s possible to exclude your own visits and page views from being tracked in your Fathom account by installing a simple and free blocker for your browser.

You can use many standard ad-blocking browser extensions like Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin (for this example, let’s use Adblock Plus). Adblock plus works for Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge Safari. Scroll to the bottom to see how to set this up with AdGuard.

Here’s how you can block your own visits with Adblock Plus

  1. Install the ad-block extension in your browser and make sure it’s activated/turned on.
  2. Click on the Adblock Plus icon, then the gear, to open the settings tab.
  3. Navigate to Advanced and go to the My filter list.
  4. Enter the following rule and change example.com to your domain. cdn.usefathom.com/tracker.js$domain=example.com
  5. If you want to block Fathom on multiple domains use the | separator, like so:cdn.usefathom.com/tracker.js$domain=example.com|example2.com

Make sure it’s working by visiting your website and then checking your Fathom dashboard. If you open your console in your browser, you can also navigate to the Adblock Plus tab to check if the Fathom script is blocked.

Note, this same method can be used to block your locally developed website version as well, by adding your local test domain to the filter list by using the above code but changing the domain to ...$domain=localhost or your local URL, for example ...$domain=mysite.local.

Here's how you can block your own visits with AdGuard

  1. Install AdGuard via App Store (for Safari)
  2. Select Custom from Preferences, then Extensions
  3. Go to Filters then Custom
  4. Add this, using your domain (not example.com): |https://cdn.usefathom.com/tracker.js$domain=example.com

That’s it! Happy browsing without being tracked on your own website.

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