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Fathom documentation & customer support

Although we know that Fathom is ridiculously simple to set-up and use, we wanted to offer a little bit of documentation to get things rolling, should you need it.

If there’s anything at all missing below or you need assistance, just let us know.

Knowledge-base docs

Enabling two-factor authentication

How to set 2FA up on your Fathom Account

Installing our tracking code

To install our tracking code, go to Settings > Sites > and click on the tracking ID for the site you want to get the tracking code for.

Our terms defined

All software has its own language for describing what it does. Here is ours:

Setting goals

A goal is anything you want to track that isn’t just a normal page view, like a button click on a form.

What’s with all these weird cats?

Neither Jack nor Paul are cat people or even have cats as pets. We’re just a different kind of company, so instead of boring clip art or stock photography we decided to use well-dressed cats for imagery instead.