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Why choose Fathom for your analytics?

Fathom started the simple, privacy-focused website analytics movement. And, we’ve continually innovated as leaders without compromising our privacy-first approach.

Here are just a few reasons why so many companies choose Fathom

Fathom lets you have complete control over what data you collect: our customers can block IP addresses and/or countries, as well as white-list domains, right from our software (no coding required).

Fathom is an alternative to Google Analytics and big tech’s surveillance capitalism. We feel that our business model is more honest: charging people for software instead of secretly profiting off of data.

No need for annoying cookie banners. Since Fathom collects website data anonymously, there’s no need to jam up or slow down your website with privacy banners.

We invented this category and design aesthetic of website analytics. And while others have come along in this space, our growth, constant features and commitment to go the extra mile for customers have yet to be challenged.

Our servers are enterprise-grade, redundant and serve our embed code blazingly-fast to visitors around the world. It's why our embed script loads the fastest, why our custom domain solution is the most reliable, and why our data retention is infinite.

Fathom is more accurate than server-side analytics, as we filter out bots, DDoS attacks, and more.

Giving customers the ability to create filters on the dashboard data, email reports for their clients, and monitor their websites means you have to pay for and use less total software products to run your business.

Our dashboard is easy enough to understand yet powerful enough with features like filters and search. Include or exclude data from your dashboard in a single click.

We're a small bootstrapped tech company, meaning we take care of our customers and ensure they're happy with our product. We don't have VC-backing, have no investors, and are profitable (see: indefinitely sustainable).

Your data is yours, but we protect it like it's our own. That means you can export it at any time, and while it's saved on our servers, we protect it with the best digital security possible.

We don't mind doing the leg work to comply with privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy, PECR and more. We've hired the best lawyers and legal professionals worldwide to vet our software and make sure it's compliant.

Fathom is used by companies who care about your privacy

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Here's why you shouldn't choose Fathom

While thousands of small to huge companies happily use our software and realize the benefits, we know there's no single product that's the best or the right fit for everyone.

We don't think Fathom is a great fit for:

  1. Companies who need to associate specific visits or journeys with individuals and personal data (since we anonymize this data for privacy reasons).
  2. Businesses who don't value paying for software (and would rather pay with their data instead).
  3. Organizations that want to put in the time and effort to maintain free software on their own servers (and the security, maintenance and skills that goes into this).
  4. People who don't make or intend to make money from their website.
  5. Evil cats who want to spy on their website visitors.

We host a bi-weekly podcast, Above Board, discussing privacy and business in the digital age.

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