Give your website visitors back their privacy—

Fathom Analytics provides simple, useful websites stats without tracking or storing personal data of your users.

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We don’t store personal information—

Our tracking policy is simple: Fathom collects trends and insights, not personal details about specific website visitors.

We offer simple traffic insights—

Fathom gives you top pages, top referrers, bounce rate and average time people spend on your site. That’s it, all on a single screen.

Our setup is ridiculously easy—

Paid Fathom accounts let you simply paste our code into the footer of your website, or use our free WordPress plugin to do it for you.

GDPR and ePrivacy compliant—

Our software collects and stores zero personal information about visitors, making us compliant to all current laws.

Fathom Dashboard

Analytics for today’s busy website owners—

Get all the information you need about how your website is performing from a single screen—there aren’t dozens of pages of reports to dig through. And it’s all built on modern, cloud-based technology, giving you simple, reliable and trustworthy details about how people are using your website.

We’re setting a new standard of privacy and trust for website analytics, empowering people to take control of their website visitors privacy.

Run Fathom on your own or have us do it—

The same open source codebase, self-hosted or fully-managed on our cloud network. Want to see Fathom in action, here’s a live demo of our own analytics.

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Fathom Free


Dev friendly, self-hosted

  • Self managed
  • Track unlimited sites *
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Fathom Standard


Up to 100k pageviews per month

  • Regular price: $15/month
  • Track unlimited sites *
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Fathom Business


Up to 1M pageviews per month

  • Regular price: $50/month
  • Track unlimited sites *
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Fathom Enterprise


10M pageviews per month

  • Regular price: $150/month
  • Track unlimited sites *
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Questions? Talk to a founder via email.

* Tracking multiple sites from a single dashboard and weekly email reports is currently being worked on and coming real soon, you can see our roadmap here.

Transparent pricing details—

All Fathom paid accounts are fully-managed by us, on our servers. That means we take care of uptime, server maintenance, security, and updates to our software (which all customers get for free). If paying customers are having trouble installing their code snippet, we can help with that.

We have a simple and fair billing policy: if you go over your views per month, we won’t suspend your account or turn off your stats. Instead, we look at a 3 month rolling average, and email you when it’s time to upgrade based on consistent overages, not just occasional traffic spikes.

We do not offer refunds, but you can cancel your account at any time and you’ll never have to pay again.