EU DPA declares Google Analytics illegal because it runs on US cloud providers. Fathom is a Canadian company, and all of your EU traffic never leaves German-owned servers.
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Don’t settle for analytics from only half of your website visitors

Ad-blockers are used by 43% of global internet users to block third-party scripts like spy pixels and targeted advertising.

Despite being a privacy-first, anonymous analytics platform, Fathom sometimes gets caught up in their blocking too, so we created a solution to bypass ad-blockers.

Our customers see 100% of their visitor data and so much more.

How to see all your analytics data using Fathom

One simple DNS edit and you're set

Our simple ad-blocker bypassing script is set up with a single DNS record addition (done through your domain registrar). By default, it bypasses ad-blockers by using a unique-to-you sub-domain (unique to every site).

No need to fiddle around with DNS settings Truly custom domains

Truly custom domains

If you’d like to use a specific first-party subdomain with your Fathom embed code, you can go one step further and setup a specific subdomain (instead of the random one). This gives you full control over what you use, we just don't recommend using something like stats or fathom (these are easy for ad-blockers to guess and block).

Complete control over your analytics

With either our simple script or custom domains, you can set your analytics up from your site settings page to block things like IP addresses and traffic from specific countries (with wildcards) and set which domains are allowed to collect data for your analytics (excluding all others). These settings allow you to set up your analytics the way you want, all without any coding or embed script updates.

Complete control over your analytics EU isolation

EU isolation

Fathom has created a brand new way to route traffic intelligently, so EU traffic is processed in the EU (by servers owned by a German entity (Hetzner), not Amazon, DigitalOcean, etc.) and all other traffic is routed to the US. This is enabled for all customers automatically and allows you to stay compliant with privacy laws and minimize your exposure to legal risk. And if you want to process all global traffic in the EU, not a problem, you can enable Extreme EU Isolation.

Blazingly fast around the world

Custom domains aren’t a new concept in analytics, but we’re the first to globally distribute your custom domains. This means that, instead of serving your script file through a single server in the EU or US, your custom domains are served from by 70 locations around the world, making your website analytics load quickly no matter where your visitors come from.

Blazingly fast around the world

Frequently asked questions

How do I set-up a new custom domain?
It's super simple. Just follow our short custom domains guide and you'll be ready in minutes.
What is EU isolation, and does it matter to me if my company isn’t in the EU?
EU isolation is a new requirement for data processing worldwide—not just for EU companies but for any company processing data from EU data subjects. Fathom is currently the only globally distributed analytics company with EU isolation, meaning we don’t force all of your traffic through the EU, we have both US & EU entry points to ensure faster global performance.
Are these features available to all customers on all plans?
Yes! Even with our lowest plan, you can take advantage of all of the above features for your Fathom account.
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