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A web analytics software that’s simple & privacy-first

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Fathom is modern web analytics software, rebuilt from the ground up: privacy-first, lightweight, with accurate, real-time data, and an interface that actually makes sense.

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The simple, privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics

Wow, what a breath of fresh air. I love how simple Fathom is, and it really gives you all the traffic metrics you could need.

Joel Gascoigne Joel Gascoigne
CEO of Buffer
Join thousands of companies already using Fathom Analytics
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Setup in minutes

Add Fathom script to your website in a few clicks and start receiving data instantly. Our web analytics software works with popular CMS like WordPress, Webflow, e-commerce platforms and any programming language or framework.

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See accurate metrics

Accuracy is crucial in web analytics software. Fathom provides precise data without bot data or machine learning adjustments, ensuring you only get human traffic data and actionable insights into your website's performance.

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Navigate with ease

Fathom's intuitive user interface allows you to navigate through your data effortlessly. Whether you are viewing visitor statistics, traffic sources, or conversion rates, our simple dashboard ensures you can find and understand your key metrics without hassle.

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Comply with privacy laws

Fathom protects your visitors' privacy and complies with all major privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy and PECR. With cookieless tracking and pseudo-anonymization, you can be sure your visitors' data is handled responsibly, without legal headaches.

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Be in control of your data

With Fathom, you get lifetime, unrestricted access to your data. You can also export your data anytime you need, ensuring you have full ownership and control over your analytics. This freedom allows you to manage, analyze, and utilize your data as you see fit, without any restrictions.

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Get reliable support

Fathom offers quick customer support to help you with any issues or questions you may have. Whether you need help setting up Fathom or interpreting your traffic data, you get the assistance you need to maximize the benefits of your web analytics software.

Different. In a good way.

For a long time, web analytics tools have been seriously broken. Pages upon pages of reports to click. Training and certifications required. And, worst of all, it was offered for “free,” so tech companies could profit wildly from all of our personal data.

Our software is something quite different. Our software protects your time and your visitors' digital privacy.

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How web analytics software should be

Frustrated with overwhelming dashboards, inaccurate data, and constant privacy compliance headaches? Traditional analytics tools can be complicated, unreliable, and legally risky.

By focusing on simplicity, accuracy, and full legal compliance, Fathom provides a robust and user-friendly web analytics solution that meets the needs of modern businesses.

Simple to use

Fathom is designed with ease of use in mind. Unlike traditional web analytics tools that overwhelm users with complex dashboards, Fathom’s simple web analytics interface allows anyone to navigate through their data effortlessly.

Whether you are analyzing traffic sources, tracking conversion rates, or monitoring the performance of your marketing campaigns, Fathom simplifies the process with clear visualizations and straightforward reporting, helping you get a better understanding of visitors on your website.

This simplicity lets businesses of all sizes leverage powerful analytics without needing extensive technical knowledge or training. Fathom’s user-friendly design makes working with web analytics software effortless among both beginners and experienced professionals.


Accurate data is the foundation of effective web analytics, and Fathom delivers reliable data you can trust. By filtering out bot traffic and avoiding data sampling practices, Fathom ensures that you receive precise, real-time insights into your target audience's behavior and website's performance.

This level of accuracy helps businesses make informed decisions, optimize marketing campaigns, and improve user experiences based on real-time data.

With Fathom, you can be confident that your analytics are not only comprehensive but also exact, allowing you to gain actionable insights and enhance your overall online presence.


Fathom is fully compliant with major privacy laws, including GDPR, CCPA, PECR and ePrivacy, making it a privacy-friendly alternative to other analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. Our commitment to legal compliance means that you can gather user interaction data without compromising privacy or facing legal risks.

This compliance builds trust with your audience and ensures that you can confidently use Fathom to analyze your website’s performance while adhering to the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

Fathom vs. traditional web analytics software

Popular web analytics tools like Google Analytics are free, but they come with significant drawbacks.


Fathom Analytics



Several EU countries have ruled that it's illegal to use Google Analytics (even with a cookie consent notice).

Fathom Analytics

Strong focus on privacy, and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy & PECR.



May track individual users, use invasive fingerprinting technologies, and sell data to advertising platforms.

Fathom Analytics

Cookieless tracking, no personal data collection, and no digital fingerprinting.

Complexity & UI experience


Difficult to integrate. Cluttered dashboard and endless report pages make the user experience poor.

Fathom Analytics

Easy to integrate. Intuitive dashboard allows you to see actionable insights instantly, without prior knowledge.

Data accuracy


Data is skewed by cookie blocking, ad blockers, and browser privacy measures, leading to inaccurate tracking and attribution.

Fathom Analytics

Accurate analytics blocked only by some ad blockers, ensuring more reliable insights into user behavior.

Ready for a switch? We also make it easy to import your historical Google Analytics data.

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Wow, what a breath of fresh air. I love how simple Fathom is, and it really gives you all the traffic metrics you could need.

Joel Gascoigne Joel Gascoigne
CEO of Buffer

I switched to Fathom because it’s an ethical analytics tool that I trust. It gives me everything I want to know about my site's performance.

Charli Marie Charli Marie
Creative director of ConvertKit

I consider Fathom a must have tool if you want to understand what's happening with your website traffic—it's simple, speedy, and accurate.

Ruben Gamez Ruben Gamez
Founder Signwell & Bidsketch

After switching to Fathom for my web properties, I find I'm more attentive to my sites because I'm always aware of how many people are on them and which pages are most popular.

Caleb Porzio Caleb Porzio
Creator of Alpine.js

They are the best Google Analytics alternative who really care about privacy and simplicity. Fathom’s simple dashboard with clear metrics makes it easy to understand what's happening across all web properties.

Jessica Joyce Jessica Joyce
SEO Expert

Fathom is a great Google Analytics alternative because it is focused on protecting visitors’ privacy and does not bog down loading times, leading to faster websites with better SEO.

Nathalie Lussier Nathalie Lussier
Founder of
All the features you need in your analytics software

Our featuresHow Fathom works

Web analytics software that just works

Lightweight and fast

Our script ensures minimal impact on your website’s loading speed, maintaining visitor engagement and search engine rankings.

Email reports

Receive regular email reports summarizing your website’s key metrics and content performance.

Event tracking

Gain deeper insights into customer behavior by tracking custom events such as button clicks, form submissions, and outbound link clicks.

Shared, real-time dashboards

Collaborate with your team or share insights with clients by creating password-protected or public dashboards, streamlining data-driven decision-making.

Key metrics at glance

Quickly see a report on your website's performance, including traffic sources, popular content, and user engagement metrics, to make data-driven decisions.

Multi-site management

See key metrics for multiple sites from a single dashboard, providing a holistic view of your online presence.

Ready for any traffic spikes

When your site experiences a spike in traffic, our robust infrastructure can handle billions of pageviews without skipping a beat.

API available

With Fathom's API, you can access your data programmatically to create custom reports, or custom dashboards tailored to your specific needs.

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Integrate with Webflow or other tech stacks you already use

Fathom integrates with everything. Seriously. Our lightweight script is just 2kB in your source code. You can add it to any CMS, framework or technology you're already using. From content management systems like Webflow or WordPress to progressive frameworks like Next.JS and Vue.JS to other software like ConvertKit, we've got your covered.

Even if you don't see a plugin or integration here, since our embed process is so simple, you can add our analytics script to anything.

Trusted on 100,000+ websites and counting

Companies worldwide, from startups to the biggest corporations, have switched to Fathom Analytics for its reliability, ease of use and focus on privacy. Our software is a simple and private Google Analytics alternative that takes a few minutes to set up and use.

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Our new Vue.js website has been using Fathom because I like how it’s lightweight and respects user privacy.

Evan You Evan You
Creator of Vue.js

Fathom simplifies the task of analyzing site performance while simultaneously respecting my visitors' privacy. Also, it’s a joy to use.

Jon Henshaw Jon Henshaw
Founder of Coywolf

Today, so many big tech corps are abusing our privacy. This is why I use Fathom. They’re an analytics company I can trust.

Justin Jackson Justin Jackson
Cofounder of Transistor

I value my time and my website visitors' right to digital privacy. That’s why I’ve switched to Fathom.

Marshall Shorts Marshall Shorts
Founder of Artfluential

Privacy-protections aside, I love the beautifully simple interface. Fathom is now part of my default stack.

Derrick Reimer Derrick Reimer
Founder of SavvyCal

I’m deeply opposed to cookie banners. Using Fathom means I don't have to compromise my morals.

Ben Orenstein Ben Orenstein
Cofounder of Tuple

Getting started is simple and easy

Gain valuable insights into your website or web application in just a few steps. And, if you get stuck, our support team is always on hand to help you get things up and running.

Step 1

Sign up for an account

Start with a 30-day free trial. Then pricing starts at $15/month.

Step 2

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It’s a single line of code that works with every site, web app and CMS.

Step 3

See your stats

Your dashboard will start showing you real-time data.

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Start a free 30-day trial We’ll even email you before your trial ends
to ensure you want to start paying for our software.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Fathom different from other web analytics tools like Google Analytics?

Fathom stands out from traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics by prioritizing simplicity, privacy, and accuracy. While Google Analytics offers extensive features, it can be complex and overwhelming. Fathom, on the other hand, provides an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. Additionally, Fathom is a privacy-friendly alternative, ensuring full compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations. While tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics may offer a wide range of features and capabilities, they often come at the cost of user privacy and data exploitation. Fathom Analytics strikes a balance by providing actionable insights into user behavior, content performance, and conversion rates, without compromising on ethical data practices or user privacy. Fathom’s accuracy and real-time data provide valuable insights into user behavior, helping businesses make informed decisions and optimize their marketing performance.

How does Fathom protect user privacy while collecting analytics data?

Fathom Analytics takes a privacy-centric approach to collecting website analytics data while still providing valuable insights. Instead of using invasive tracking methods like cookies or personal identifiers, Fathom relies on pseudo-anonymized and aggregated data. It uses a unique hashing technique to identify unique visitors without collecting any personally identifiable information (PII) like IP addresses, names, or demographic details. For users in the European Union, Fathom goes a step further with its EU Isolation feature. It ensures that all data from EU visitors is processed exclusively on servers located within the EU, adhering to the strict data protection regulations like GDPR. This robust privacy protection allows businesses to leverage powerful web analytics without compromising user privacy or facing legal hurdles.

Is Fathom GDPR compliant?

Yes, Fathom is fully GDPR compliant. Fathom’s commitment to privacy means that it adheres to the highest standards of data protection as required by GDPR and other major privacy laws, including CCPA, PECR, and ePrivacy. By using Fathom, you can collect and analyze user data without compromising privacy or facing legal risks. This compliance ensures that you can focus on gaining valuable insights from your analytics while maintaining the trust and confidence of your users. Fathom’s privacy-friendly approach makes it a preferred choice for businesses looking for a compliant website analytics tool.

Can I use Fathom Analytics alongside other analytics tools?

Yes, you can use Fathom Analytics alongside other analytics tools. Fathom’s compatibility with various platforms and its ability to work in parallel with traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics and marketing tools make it a versatile addition to your analytics suite. Using Fathom in conjunction with other tools provides a holistic view of your analytics, allowing you to further optimize content performance and improve user engagement.

How does Fathom ensure data accuracy?

Fathom ensures data accuracy through two key approaches. First, our real-time analytics blocks bots, scrapers, and spam traffic, ensuring that you only see actual human visits to your website. This includes automatic blocking of bots, crawlers, and DDoS attacks without any setup required. This helps maintain the integrity of your analytics data and ensures your performance metrics accurately reflect human activity. Second, Fathom doesn’t use data sampling or machine learning to estimate your traffic. Instead, we believe in providing a complete and accurate picture by showing all the human visitors to your site. Unlike Google Analytics, which relies on machine learning and data sampling, Fathom offers a more honest and precise representation of your website traffic. This ensures you get reliable data to make informed decisions, optimize marketing campaigns, and improve user experiences.

Is Fathom Analytics free?

No, Fathom Analytics is not free. Unlike some popular web analytics tools that offer their services for "free" by monetizing user data, Fathom Analytics respects user's privacy and does not engage in any data-selling practices. As the famous saying goes, "If you're not paying for the product, you are the product." Fathom's paid model ensures that the company's incentives are aligned with providing a high-quality, ethical analytics service to its customers, rather than profiting from user data. However, Fathom does offer a full-featured, 30-day free trial, which allows you to experience the full range of features and capabilities before committing to a paid plan. This trial period provides ample time to evaluate how Fathom can benefit your business and make an informed decision.

For how long can I access my analytics data?

With Fathom, you can access your analytics data for as long as you maintain your subscription. Our platform provides continuous access to historical data, allowing you to track trends and measure marketing performance without any restrictions. This long-term data availability is crucial for conducting in-depth analyses, performing retention analysis, and understanding customer behavior over time. Fathom’s commitment to providing ongoing access to your analytics data ensures that you can make informed decisions and optimize your strategies based on comprehensive insights.

Can I export my website traffic data from Fathom for further analysis or reporting?

Yes, with Fathom Analytics, you can export your website's traffic data at any time into a CSV file. This allows you to perform further analysis, create custom reports, or integrate the data with other marketing tools and analytics platforms as needed. Fathom provides this one-click export option, ensuring you have full access to your website's key metrics and user interaction data. Additionally, Fathom offers a powerful API that enables you to pull your website's analytics data programmatically. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that require seamless integration with their existing systems or want to build custom dashboards and reporting solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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Web analytics software that won’t let you down: Switch to Fathom

Fathom provides powerful yet simple web analytics software tailored for modern websites. Gain valuable insights without compromising user privacy or legal compliance.

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