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Redefining analytics for agencies: Fathom Analytics

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Fathom Analytics is a simple-to-use, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics created with marketing agencies in mind.

See how you can make your customers happier and your internal marketing team more productive with the best website analytics for agencies.

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The simple, privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics

Thanks for creating such an awesome product in Fathom Analytics. It's so well done and a huge relief as an agency owner transitioning clients off GA onto a privacy-focused analytics platform.

Ben Lee-Gleadall Ben Lee-Gleadall
Founder of Decade Agency Limited
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Mclaren Automative
Huberman Lab

If you aren't offering compliance-focused solutions to your website customers, you are potentially putting your clients at unnecessary risk of privacy law non-compliance. Fathom Analytics is a top notch privacy analytics solution with agency-friendly pricing and we use them for our own website.

Hans Skillrud Hans Skillrud

We migrated nearly every single client site of ours from Google Analytics to Fathom Analytics in under two weeks.

Jake Cleveland Jake Cleveland
Founder of Darwin Software

Fathom Analytics is the perfect privacy-based Analytics solution for us. We can provide the metrics that our clients need and reassure them that their customers' data isn't being shared with faceless companies.

Darren Pinder Darren Pinder
Owner of Vatu

How Analytics for Agencies Should Be

Fathom Analytics provides everything you need to streamline your agency's workflow.

Seamless onboarding, client-specific dashboards, and full legal compliance are just a few reasons why agency owners and businesses alike choose us.

Below, we have listed key features that make Fathom a great analytics tool for agencies. To see the full list, click here.

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Speed up onboarding

Unlike traditional analytics tools such as Google Analytics, there are no complex integrations or the hassle of setting up a Google tag.

With Fathom Analytics, the installation process is easy and requires just a few minutes of your time.

Simply add a single line of code, and you're ready to start collecting valuable traffic data to make informed decisions for your clients' marketing strategies. Our analytics script works with any website, CMS and programming framework.

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Stay fully-compliant

Fathom provides agencies and their clients unparalleled peace of mind in legal compliance.

We have hired the best lawyers and legal professionals globally, rigorously reviewing our software and data collection practices.

This thorough vetting process ensures full compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy and PECR.

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Boost productivity

With complex analytics services like Google Analytics 4 dominating the landscape, it's easy for agency owners to feel overwhelmed. Cluttered dashboards and endless pages of reports are overkill for modern agencies.

Fathom Analytics's intuitive dashboard makes real-time analysis of your client's traffic a breeze. With our simple website analytics interface, you will quickly spot trends and opportunities, enabling you to make confident data-driven decisions faster.

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Eliminate cookie banners

Fathom Analytics values privacy protection without compromising on site experience, ensuring compliance with strict privacy laws like GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive.

Our privacy-first approach means no personal data collection, eliminating the necessity for cookie banners.

This enhances user experience by keeping the site clean, making your customers' websites faster and more accessible to visitors.

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Clients only see their data and dashboard

To maintain privacy across client accounts, you can set up a dedicated client dashboard so that each client sees only their data.

The same level of control extends to our email reports, allowing you to include per-site reports for personalized sharing effortlessly.

As a digital marketing agency, you can incorporate up to 50 client dashboards, with the option to quickly add more for a small additional fee if needed.

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Simplify client reporting

With Fathom, you also get streamlined client reporting. You can choose from flexible options to send email reports either on a weekly or monthly basis, covering the insights of one or multiple sites.

Our reports focus on essential metrics such as visitors, page views, traffic sources, average time on site, bounce rate, event completions, and conversions.

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Track campaigns & conversions with ease

With Fathom's UTMs and event tracking features, you can effortlessly track the performance of your clients' digital marketing campaigns and measure conversion rates.

Simply set up custom events for actions like button clicks, form submissions or ecommerce sales and start collecting actionable insights in real-time.

This additional layer of insight allows agencies to fine-tune strategies for maximum ROI, ensuring clients get the best results from their marketing investments.

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Your data is your data

With us, you maintain full control over your data - it's yours, not ours. At no point do we seek ownership, rental, or sale of analytics data for your clients.

Feel free to export the data, transfer each client to their individual Fathom account if desired, or even engage with it seamlessly through our API. Your data, your choices.

Beyond granting you full control, you also get unrestricted access to historical data right in your dashboard.

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Get direct support

We understand how crucial timely and effective support is for businesses like yours.

That's why, at Fathom Analytics, you'll be directly in touch with us and our full-time support staff. You can expect quick responses, usually within one business day, often even faster during our work hours.

Choosing Fathom Analytics means you're backed by a committed team, ready to support you every step of the way, ensuring both you and your clients thrive.

Where Google Analytics fails agencies

First, Google Analytics is illegal (this is a big deal). But even if you overlook the law, the problem with Google Analytics is that it's difficult to use, inaccurate and time-consuming to teach each of your clients how to use it. This all makes it a tough sell for quick, informed client consultations and likely kills your team's productivity.

Choosing Fathom over Google Analytics means sidestepping legality issues and embracing simplicity.

Our dashboard is clear and user-friendly, designed for instant understanding by anyone, without training required. Email reports cut through the noise, directly showcasing the metrics that matter. This shift not only saves time but also enables your agency to drive clients' digital marketing strategies with precise, data-driven decisions.

In contrast to Google Analytics, our dashboard is a single page and is instantly understandable by anyone with any skillset. Our email reports are equally easy to read and set up.

Google Analytics vs Fathom Analytics for Agencies

See a direct comparison to understand what makes Fathom better analytics for agencies.

Google Analytics

Fathom Analytics


Google Analytics

Several EU countries have ruled that it’s illegal to use Google Analytics (even with a consent notice).

Fathom Analytics

Strong focus on privacy, and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy & PECR. Also invented a method for processing EU visitor data on EU servers.


Google Analytics

May track individual users and may sell this data later to advertising companies or data brokers.

Fathom Analytics

Doesn't track individual users and doesn't use cookies. All data is anonymized.

Complexity & UX

Google Analytics

Difficult to integrate. Cluttered dashboard and endless report pages make the user experience poor.

Fathom Analytics

Easy to integrate. Intuitive dashboard allows you to see actionable insights instantly, without prior knowledge.

Data accuracy

Google Analytics

Data is sampled and can take 24-48 hours to appear in Google Analytics (outside of "active user" view).

Fathom Analytics

Real-time analytics data is instant, without bot traffic or machine learning adjustments.

Data retention

Google Analytics

Limited to up to 14 months. Meaning Google Analytics deletes your data after (at most) 14 months.

Fathom Analytics

Gives you unrestricted access to all collected data, forever. Data is never deleted and always available to customers.

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Questions your agency may have about Fathom analytics

Why should I pay for analytics when Google Analytics is free?

Free products aren't technically free, as there is always some mechanism to generate revenue (like selling data). Remember, if you aren't paying for the product, you are the product.

At Fathom Analytics, we focus on being transparent and safeguarding user privacy - we sell software, not data.

I'm not in the EU, do all these EU privacy laws apply to my agency or my clients?

EU privacy laws, like the GDPR, affect any company that receives data from the EU. Our opinion is, why take a risk and suggest an analytics product that is breaking the law and could result in fines or complaints for your clients? It's prudent to prioritize compliance to avoid any legal complications.

Is Fathom Analytics hard to use?

Not at all! Fathom is intentionally designed for immediate understanding, making it a breeze to use. There's no need for extensive training; it's as straightforward as exploring a single page of data, making it a simple and powerful tool for agencies. You can see a full, live demo here and watch a video walk-through of how to use Fathom here (it's only 6 minutes long).

Can I create sites for all of my clients?

Every Fathom account comes up with 50 sites included, and you can add more quickly ($15/month per each additional 50 sites). Every site can be shared with a client via dashboard sharing (they only see the site you share, not all your other sites) or by creating a full account for the client, and each client can also have their own email reports.

Will my clients see the dashboards of other clients?

Nope! They can only see the dashboard you share with them, not your other sites/dashboards. The same applies to email reports; you can customize each report to send data exclusively from their site. Your clients' data remains confidential and tailored to their specific needs.

What if I exceed my plan limit?

First, we never stop collecting pageviews if you go over your plan limits. Our pricing policy is very generous and fair and gives you time to upgrade. If you don't upgrade your account, we lock your account but allow you a month before we stop collecting pageviews (giving you ample time to upgrade your account).

What if I need to use Fathom Analytics on more than 50 sites?

Just ask! We offer additional 50 sites at $15/month. Feel free to add as many as you need, and should your client base change, you can easily adjust the number of sites accordingly. We're here to accommodate the scalability of successful agencies like yours.

What if I want to move my client to their own Fathom Analytics account?

We can quickly transfer any site on your account to any other Fathom account. Just let us know, and we'll handle the transition seamlessly. Your client can enjoy their own tailored Fathom experience while benefiting from dedicated agency analytics.

Will using Fathom and not Google Analytics affect my clients SEO?

Not at all. Fathom is excellent for SEO. Since our script is much smaller than Google Analytics, you could argue Fathom is even better for SEO than Google Analytics. Your clients can confidently embrace Fathom without worrying about any adverse effects on their SEO and analytics efforts.

Can I use Google Ads with Fathom Analytics to track my campaigns?

Yes, you can employ UTMs in Fathom to meticulously track each Google ad campaign, allowing for precise measurement. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create events within Fathom to gauge conversions effectively, ensuring seamless integration with your clients' goals.

Can we use Fathom alongside Google Analytics and use both at the same time?

You can! If you want to take Fathom for a spin before committing to it, add our embed code alongside your Google Analytics or Google Tag code (it won't break anything). You will notice the numbers aren't identical, as we do several things better: block bots/scrapers, and much more to ensure your stats are entirely accurate.

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