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Fathom Analytics is a simple-to-use, privacy-focused Google Analytics alternative created with agencies in mind.

A key feature in how Fathom works is that every dashboard and email report is completely separate—so each client only sees their data. And as an agency, you can add up to 50 client dashboards (if you need more, you can quickly add more for a small additional fee).

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Why choose Fathom Analytics?

We migrated nearly every single client site of ours from GA to Fathom in under two weeks.

Jake Cleveland Jake Cleveland
Founder of Darwin Software

If you aren't offering compliance-focused solutions to your website customers, you are potentially putting your clients at unnecessary risk of privacy law non-compliance. Fathom is a top notch privacy analytics solution with agency-friendly pricing and we use them for our own website.

Hans Skillrud Hans Skillrud

Fathom Analytics is the perfect privacy-based Analytics solution for us. We can provide the metrics that our clients need and reassure them that their customers' data isn't being shared with faceless companies.

Darren Pinder Darren Pinder
Owner of Vatu

Where Google Analytics fails agencies

First, Google Analytics is illegal (this is a big deal). But even if you overlook the law, the problem with Google Analytics is that it’s difficult to use, inaccurate and time-consuming to teach each of your clients how to use it.

With Fathom, our software focuses on the data that agencies and their clients need to make intelligent decisions about their campaigns and companies.

In contrast to Google Analytics, our dashboard is a single page and is instantly understandable by anyone with any skill set. Our email reports are equally easy to read and set up.


Thanks for creating such an awesome product in Fathom Analytics. It's so well done and a huge relief as an agency owner transitioning clients off GA onto a privacy-focused analytics platform.

Ben Lee-Gleadall Ben Lee-Gleadall
Founder of Decade Agency Limited

Save your client's GA data from being deleted forever

Universal Analytics stopped working in the summer of 2023. Soon, they'll be deleting all that historical data forever. Luckily, you can become a hero and save your clients UA data by importing it into Fathom Analytics.

Features your agency can use

Below is a small sample of agency-specific features we offer. You can view all the features we've got here.

Clients only see their data and dashboard

With our dashboard sharing feature, you can give simple/easy access to each client, and they only see their data (not your other clients). The same goes for our email reports; you can quickly add a per-site report to send them.

Email reports take seconds to create

Our email reports can be sent weekly or monthly and include one site or multiple sites. We surface the critical data points (visitors, views, average time on site, bounce rate, event completions and revenue), so you can quickly scan them to see what’s working or what’s not.

No more ugly cookie banners

We are fully compliant with privacy laws such as the GDPR & ePrivacy Directive, so we don’t store or collect personal data. This means that your clients don’t need an annoying cookie or consent banner for analytics. Seriously!

Track campaigns and conversions with ease

By using UTMs and setting up events for your clients, they can see how well their paid campaigns drive traffic to their site and how well those campaigns are converting to sales (by using events).

Your data is your data

We don’t want to own, rent or sell analytics data for your clients. So you can export it, you can move each client to their own Fathom account if you want, or even interact with it in our API.

Questions your agency may have about Fathom analytics

Why should I pay for analytics when Google Analytics is free?

Free products aren’t technically free, as there is always some mechanism to generate revenue (like selling data). Remember, if you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product. That’s why at Fathom, we sell software, not data.

I’m not in the EU, do all these EU privacy laws apply to my agency or my clients?

EU privacy laws, like the GDPR, affect any company that receives data from the EU. Our opinion is, why take a risk and suggest an analytics product that is breaking the law and could result in fines or complaints for your clients?

Is Fathom hard to use?

Nope! We created Fathom to be instantly understandable. No training is required, as it’s just a single page of data. You can see a full, live demo here and watch a video walk-through of how to use Fathom here (it’s only 6 minutes long).

Can I create sites for all of my clients?

Every Fathom account comes up with 50-150 sites included (depending on the plan you choose), and you can add more quickly ($15/month per each additional 50 sites). Every site can be shared with a client via dashboard sharing (they only see the site you share, not all your other sites) or by creating a full account for the client, and each client can also have their own email reports.

Will my clients see the dashboards of other clients?

Nope! They can only see the dashboard you share with them, not your other sites/dashboards. The same goes for email reports; you can set up each report to send just with data from their site.

What if I need to use Fathom on more than 50 sites?

Just ask! We offer additional 50 sites at $15/month. Add as many as you’d like, or remove them if you find yourself with fewer clients over time.

What if I want to move my client to their own Fathom account?

We can quickly transfer any site on your account to any other Fathom account. Just ask.

Will using Fathom and not Google Analytics affect my clients SEO?

Not at all. Fathom is excellent for SEO. Since our script is much smaller than Google Analytics, you could argue Fathom is even better for SEO than Google Analytics.

Can I use Google Ads with Fathom to track my campaigns?

You can! You can use UTMs to track each campaign in Fathom and then create events to measure conversions.

What if I exceed my plan limit?

First, we never stop collecting pageviews if you go over your plan limits. Our pricing policy is very generous and fair and gives you time to upgrade. If you don’t upgrade your account, we lock your account but allow you a month before we stop collecting pageviews (giving you ample time to upgrade your account).

Can we use Fathom alongside GA and use both at the same time?

You can! If you want to take Fathom for a spin before committing to it, add our embed code alongside your Google Analytics code (it won’t break anything). You will notice the numbers aren’t identical, as we do several things better: block bots/scrapers, and much more to ensure your stats are entirely accurate.

What makes Fathom a great Google Analytics alternative

We know that 85% of websites use Google Analytics. For most people, the next step after buying a domain and hosting is to install GA. It’s a habit too many of us have let unconsciously continue for years. Here are a few main reasons we think Fathom is a great alternative to Google Analytics.

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Why Fathom Analytics is a great Matomo alternative

Matomo, formerly called Piwik, is an open-source alternative to Google Analytics. It gained traction early as an open-sourced website stats analysis project. Here's why Fathom is an alternative to using Matomo for website analytics.

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Compare Cloudflare web analytics to Fathom Analytics

Cloudflare launched their web analytics at the end of 2020. They offer privacy-first, lightweight and simple website analytics—and their analytics are free. Fathom Analytics launched in 2018 and also offers simple, private-focused website analytics. Our product is paid, but as you’ll see below, paying for a product has benefits.

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Fathom Analytics: GDPR, CCPA and cookie law compliant website analytics

Fathom Analytics began from day one with a focus on protecting the digital privacy of website visitors and complying with privacy laws. This isn't just something used for our marketing purposes; it's how we built the business and our software.

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Fathom: Privacy-focused web analytics plugin for WordPress

Fathom Analytics is a simple-to-use, privacy-focused (GDPR-compliant) website analytics tool for your WordPress site. You don’t have to edit the code in your WordPress template to start using our software.

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Fathom: website analytics for European companies

Fathom Analytics was built from the ground up to be fully compliant with privacy laws in Europe. And, since we have intelligent routing, our script loads up to 50% faster than EU-only infrastructure.

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Fathom: website analytics software for agencies

Fathom Analytics is a simple-to-use, privacy-focused Google Analytics alternative created with agencies in mind. And as an agency, you can add up to 50 client dashboards (if you need more, you can quickly add more for a small additional fee).

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Fathom: a website analytic tool for creators

We understand independent creators because we belong to that group as well. Fathom Analytics was started by two creators (we're: course makers, book writers, podcasters and musicians).

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Fathom Analytics is simple website analytics

Analytics have become complicated. From Google Analytics to other third-party analytics, there are a lot of complicated analytics solutions out there. Each analytics solution provides infinite screens of reports and never-ending ways to overwhelm even the savviest website owner. Yet, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Fathom: a privacy focused Google Analytics alternative

By using Google Analytics, website owners are allowing Google (the largest advertising company on the planet) to track and store information about every website visitor to their website. To avoid this, learn why Fathom is a great Google Analytics alternative.

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