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Version 3 of Fathom: early access has begun

Updated on May 9, 2021 —

Yes, Jack and I have been talking about “v3” for quite some time.

Part of the reason v3 is happening in the first place is that how Fathom works as software needed to fundamentally change in a big way to move forward as the best privacy-focused analytics there is. This meant rethinking database performance (launched in March), added new features and rebuilding the interface to allow for these new features.

If you're a customer, you can start using early access right now, sign up here.

What’s coming to v3?

We believe v3 is the future of privacy-focused analytics. And sure, that sounds like marketing-ese, but we’ve honestly spent a ton of time thinking through everything (no detail was too small).

As far as features go, here’s what you can look forward to:

Early access is rolling out these features incrementally, and will keep testers in the loop via the mailing list.

When can you start using v3?

Initially, we were going to have a closed beta group to test it. Which is how things typically work with software. But then we remembered, we’re not typical software. And it didn’t feel fair to let some customers have early access and make everyone else wait.

👉 So instead, early access is open to every customer. 🤯

Obviously, there may be some bugs or some things that don’t work quite right, but if you want to give v3 a go and test it (providing us with feedback), you totally can. Every customer, even brand new ones, can join this group.

When will v3 be out of early access?

Soon. Basically, once it’s ready, tested, and we’ve had time to go over feedback. We don’t like arbitrary timelines because we like to take our time on doing things correctly. We also take our time to listen to those who matter (our customers) and ensure we’ve thought of as much as possible to make our software easy to use, safe and privacy for all, and the best it can be.

What’s after v3? v4?

NOPE. v3 is the last “version” of Fathom we will ever release. After v3, we’ll be entirely focused on releasing stand-alone features and improvements. That’ll mean we can move quickly with minor refinements and additions over time.


Let Jack and I know.

Paul Jarvis
Cofounder, Fathom Analytics