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Fathom documentation & customer support

Although we know that Fathom is ridiculously simple to set-up and use, we wanted to offer a little bit of documentation to get things rolling, should you need it.

If there’s anything at all missing below or you need assistance, just let us know.

Knowledge-base docs

Affiliates, how to promote Fathom Analytics

If you’re a customer of Fathom Analytics, then congrats, you can also be an affiliate and share Fathom Analytics with your customers, friends, mailing list, followers, frenemies, etc.

Dashboard sharing options

Fathom Analytics gives you three options for sharing your dashboard or keeping it fully private.

Enabling two-factor authentication

How to set 2FA up on your Fathom Account

Exclude your own visits from your Fathom stats

If your website doesn’t have a lot of traffic, you may not want to skew your stats when you are browsing it.

Fathom Analytics affiliate/referral program

For every paying customer you refer with your unique code, you’ll get a 25% lifetime commission, and they’ll get a $10 off of their first invoice.

Installing our tracking code

To install our tracking code, go to Settings > Sites > and click on the Site ID for the site you want to get the tracking code for.

Our terms defined

All software has its own language for describing what it does. Here is ours:

Send email reports to your clients, colleagues or whomever

Additional email reports functionality

Setting goals

A goal is anything you want to track that isn’t just a normal page view, like a button click on a form.

The canonical link is king

Fathom Analytics reads from a canonical link if it's available, but sometimes this can lead to problems

Tracking your Transistor podcast website and embeddable player with Fathom Analytics

Fathom Analytics is now fully integrated with our friends at Transistor, a podcast publishing platform

Using the Fathom Analytics for WordPress plugin

How to add Fathom Analytics to your WordPress website

What’s with all these weird cats?

Neither Jack nor Paul are cat people or even have cats as pets. We’re just a different kind of company, so instead of boring clip art or stock photography we decided to use well-dressed cats for imagery instead.