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Simple website analytics

Fathom Analytics has always had two goals, which run in parallel. The first is a focus on privacy (which we do by anonymizing visitor data, being GDPR, PECR and CCPA compliant and being a privacy-focused Google Analytics alternative). The second is an aim to be very simple for our customers to get the data they need from a single screen.

In the past, most website analytics tools and software had pages and pages of reports to sift through or run to get the data you needed to make business decisions. Some required complicated training, certification, or hiring experts to better analyze the data.

Fathom Analytics changed all of this when we launched, and became the first website analytics company to be both simple to use and completely privacy-focused.

What are website analytics?

Website analytics is the process of looking at how visitors find your website, and then behave once on it. There are numerous ways this is done, but most (like Fathom) use a small javascript file which sends data to website analytics software.

The reason website analytics are important is because they can help website owners make better informed decisions about their website. By using simple website analytics, a business or website owner can see what content is doing well, what referrers are sending them the most traffic and even look at how well specific events are working.

Why stop using Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is both free and popular. According to research, more than 85% of all websites use Google Analytics as their website analytics tool.

While free and popular can be great, there is definitely a downside.

First, Google Analytics tracks and stores personal information about your website visitors. That data can then be used for advertising, or even subpoenaed by lawyers and used in civil cases. Since Fathom Analytics doesn’t store any personal data, the same can’t happen if a website uses Fathom for their website analytics software, making it a good Google Analytics alternative.

Second, Google Analytics is not simple to use, not simple to get the information you need and not simple to find anything. Their software is busy and full of links, reports upon reports and feels like it’d be a full-time job to use it properly (in fact, there are many people who make a living as Google Analytics experts). Many users of Google Analytics are forced to learn how to and then create their own custom reports, just to get the information they need.

While Google Analytics is powerful, it’s also so complex that most of the data collected isn’t required by most website or business owners. So it just takes up space and creates complexity. It’s overkill for most businesses and our goal with Fathom Analytics has always been to only provide the data needed to make important decisions, while keeping all personal data about visitors completely uncollected.

Fathom is a simple website analytics tool

Fathom Analytics is the antithesis of Google Analytics and most enterprise website analytics tools.

Google Analytics is free because they’re an advertising company who uses personal data to target people with advertising, while Fathom Analytics sells software (so we don’t need to sell data, plus we can’t, since we don’t collect any personal data).

Fathom Analytics is also simple website analytics software because we only show important metrics on our dashboard. There are not 125 pages of reports, there is a single page with the data you need to help your website or business.

Fathom Analytics was the first website analytics tool to show all the information you’d need on a single page in a dashboard. And today, we’re still the leader in the simple and private website analytics space. Instead of tracking everything, our software tracks the data you’d need to make decisions, and keeps the privacy of your website visitors intact.

Everything you could want to know about your website traffic within a simple website analytics tool is on one page:

All of the above (outside email reports, which go to your inbox), appear on our main dashboard page. No clicking around or searching for the information you need, just simple website analytics on a single page.

With Fathom Analytics, you get everything you need quickly, so you can learn from the data and get back to the important parts of running your website and business.

Fathom Analytics is simple in other ways as well

Our lightweight script never slows down any websites

Any javascript on your website has to be loaded in a visitors browser, and requires bandwidth and time to do so. Fathom is a very small script and also loads from our global CDN network, so it’s delivered quickly, regardless of where a visitor is in the world. This not only makes your website load faster, but also helps you rank higher in search engines (which reward faster sites with higher ranking). Fathom Analytics javascript tracker file (which is 1.6 KB) is a lot smaller and therefore much faster to load than Google Analytics script (theirs is 45.7 KB total between their tag manager and analytics script).

Website analytics without cookies or privacy-invading scripts

Fathom Analytics is both cookie-free and does not track or collect any personal or private data from website visitors. This means our software is GDPR, PECR and CCPA compliant. Heck, we even backed the CCPA and signed a letter to the California State Government backing an amendment to make the privacy-focused law even stronger.

There is no need for cookie notices or complicated privacy policies if you use Fathom Analytics, because we don’t track or store any personal data from website visitors in our website analytics software, ever.

Simple website analytics setup and integration

Fathom Analytics is simple to integrate into your website, regardless of the CMS you use or how your site is built. You just have to paste our Javascript into the header or footer of your website’s code, and then watch your stats roll in on your dashboard.

Adblockers can be easily bypassed

Adblockers can easily block Google Analytics, giving you very incomplete data for your website analytics. Fathom, however, uses custom domains, which can bypass ad-blocking and give you the full view of the stats for your website.

No big tech or investors, ever

Fathom Analytics is completely independent of big tech, Silicon Valley and venture capital—we're bootstrapped and proud. That means our only focus and goal is to make our customers happy. We’ve actively turned down investments, have been profitable since the beginning, and our company generates enough revenue to keep both our co-founders working on Fathom full-time. By using Fathom Analytics, you’re supporting independent software development, and not lining the pockets of rich investors or CEOs who remove “don’t be evil” from their company’s mission statement.

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Fathom Analytics is a privacy-focused web analytics tool for your website visitors. It’s GDPR, PECR and CCPA compliant as well. If you aren’t sure, keep Google Analytics installed while you test out Fathom (both scripts can be on the same site at the same time) and only remove Google Analytics once you see how simple and easy our software is to use.

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