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Simple and sustainable pricing

Get the information you need about your website without compromising anyone’s digital privacy. Start with a 30-day free trial of Fathom and then pay a fair and sustainable monthly price based on your average monthly page views.


Up to 100,000 monthly page views


Up to 200,000 monthly page views


Up to 500,000 monthly page views


Up to 1,000,000 monthly page views


Up to 2,000,000 monthly page views


Up to 100,000 monthly page views


Up to 200,000 monthly page views


Up to 500,000 monthly page views


Up to 1,000,000 monthly page views


Up to 2,000,000 monthly page views

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All plans include:

  • Up to 50 sites included
  • 100% Data ownership
  • Uptime monitoring
  • No cookie banners required
  • Unlimited email reports
  • Forever data retention
  • Unlimited CSV data exports
  • Privacy law compliance
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure
  • Ad-blocker bypassing
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All pricing is in USD and renews automatically unless cancelled. Event completions count towards your total page views per month. If you need more than 50 sites, we charge $14/m per each additional 50 sites.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a lower plan?
Nope, and here's why: we've heavily invested in enterprise-level infrastructure which has great speed and reliability (we don't just host our software on cheap VPS servers). And for an easy-to-use analytics product, all plans come with powerful tools like email reports, filters, website monitoring, and more. Our business model is selling software, not your data, so we’re priced for sustainability on our end and an amazing product for our customers.
Do you ever do sales or discounts?
Nope! Not even for Black Friday. So rest assured the price you are seeing today or are paying in your account now is the best price ever. We've never done discounts, nor will we ever.
What happens if I hit my plan limit?
We'll never turn your analytics off for occasional traffic spikes or if a payment fails the first time (hey, this has happened to all of us at least once). Instead, if you go over your plan for two months in a row, we'll let you know we're upgrading your plan. From there, you can decide to stay or cancel your account (no hard feelings either way).
Can I switch to a different plan?
Of course! If you go over your limit for two months in a row, we'll offer to do that for you. Or, if you're under your current plan for two months in a row (and it's not our lowest plan already), you can downgrade from within our settings.
How do I cancel my account?
We're not interested in having someone's money if they aren't happy. So if at any point you want to cancel Fathom, you can do so right from your settings - you don't even have to call or email us (unless you have a question). There are no contracts, so anyone can cancel anytime (with a full export of your data).
What if I have more than 50 sites?
You add as many as you’d like (and the total of the page views across all the sites counts as your total page views for your pricing plan). Every plan comes with the ability to add up to 50 sites included in your plan, and it costs $14/month per additional 50 sites if you require more.
What if I have another question?
Reach out, and we will be happy to help with any pre-sales questions.
Ruben Gamez

I love the simplicity, speed, and accuracy of Fathom. I consider it a "must have" analytics tool if you want to understand what's happening with your website traffic.

Ruben Gamez, founder Docsketch & Bidsketch
Charli Marie

I switched to Fathom because it’s an ethical analytics tool that I trust. It gives me everything I want to know about my site's performance.

Charli Marie, Creative director of ConvertKit
Justin Jackson

Today, so many big tech corps are abusing our privacy. This is why I use Fathom. They’re an analytics company I can trust.

Justin Jackson, Cofounder of Transistor
Derrick Reimer

Privacy-protections aside, I love the beautifully simple interface. Fathom is now part of my default stack.

Derrick Reimer, founder of SavvyCal
EU DPA declares Google Analytics illegal because it runs on US cloud providers. Fathom is a Canadian company, and all of your EU traffic never leaves German-owned servers.