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Policies and Standards

Mission statement

The mission of Fathom Analytics blog posts and news are to help readers stay informed about the ever-changing landscape of digital privacy.

We aim to stay as up to date as possible with privacy news and privacy laws, so we can write accurate articles and ensure our own product's features are always fully compliant with related laws.

Ethics policy

Conflict of Interest

Fathom Analytics avoids conflicts of interest wherever and whenever possible. If the content is published where a conflict of interest might exist, the content will include a disclaimer. While we obviously run an analytics company, we strive for openness, honesty and fairness when comparing Fathom Analytics to other analytics companies.

All Fathom Analytics authors strive for "fairness" in our writing. Fairness means:


All posts on our website are not meant to be legal advice, but instead all posts on our site reflect our opinion (based on the facts and information we are aware of at the time of writing each article).

Verification and fact-checking standards

Fathom Analytics authors will always consider the source of information. We make our best efforts to write about topics only from credible sources.

Ownership structure

Fathom Analytics is owned entirely by Jack Ellis and Paul Jarvis, the co-founders of Conva Ventures Inc. Conva Ventures Inc. was founded in 2018. We have no investors, no board of directors, no one to answer to other than our customers.

Corrections policy

Fathom Analytics will correct errors made in its articles. Depending on the severity of the correction, the correction may be a small edit to the story or may include an author’s note explaining the correction. In rare cases, if the subject matter of the article is found to be erroneous, Fathom Analytics may unpublish the article.

Policy on sources

Fathom Analytics will always strive to include the name of sources for the information we publish. Authors prefer to not use confidential sources but may do so if the information is credible, important for the readers, and may adversely affect the livelihood of the source. Authors will protect the identity of confidential sources will follow the law in regards to the legal rights of the editor (reporter) and the confidential source.


Fathom Analytics will provide attribution through names, links, and other means to inform the reader about the source of information used in an article.

Ways to contact Fathom Analytics

Letters to Fathom can be sent via our contact page.

EU DPA declares Google Analytics illegal because it runs on US cloud providers. Fathom is a Canadian company, and all of your EU traffic never leaves German-owned servers.