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Exploring the Ethics and privacy implications of AI

The conversation delves into the ethical implications of AI, the use of AI in software, and the impact of AI on various industries. It also explores the challenges and limitations of AI technology, as well as the importance of privacy and data protection in AI development.


  • AI has the potential to revolutionize industries but raises ethical concerns about privacy and data protection.
  • The use of AI in software development presents challenges and limitations, including the need for accuracy and reliability.
  • Privacy and data protection are crucial considerations in the development and use of AI technology, especially with what data is used to train these models.
  • The impact of AI on various industries requires careful evaluation and ethical decision-making, not just “moving fast and breaking things”.
  • AI’s ego is it’s problem: it thinks it’s correct when it’s not, and attempts to be convincing about things it can’t know for certain is true.

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