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Above Board, the official Fathom Analytics podcast - page 7

A podcast exploring running an independent + bootstrapped software (SaaS) company. Follow Jack and Paul (the co-founders) in their journey of building and growing Fathom Analytics.

Published every month (or so), listen in on lively debates about growth, customers, software, and how they’re working to keep their business in line with their values.

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The Above Board podcast from Fathom Analytics

We don’t want your business

A race to the bottom in pricing is never a good idea (both for you or your customers). Jack and Paul discuss why the best-case scenario with that idea is you’ll get screwed by your own growth.

Listen to the episode · Jan 20, 2021

Paul quit the internet

What happened when Paul quit the internet? What does it mean for Fathom? What does it mean for Jack now having to field every Paul-related tweet?

Listen to the episode · Dec 11, 2020

Privacy stories: Fastmail

In this episode Jack and Paul speak with Bron Gondwana, the CEO of Fastmail and how they’ve managed to run their privacy-focused email software since 1999.

Listen to the episode · Dec 4, 2020

Someone tried to put us out of business

A malicious person decided they wanted to have a go at ruining Fathom Analytics.

Listen to the episode · Nov 20, 2020

DuckDuckGo on Above Board (Fathom)

Jack and Paul from Fathom Analytics connect with DuckDuckGo’s Communications Manager, Daniel Davis to chat about how DDG competes with big tech (Google).

Listen to the episode · Nov 13, 2020

We’re taking a break

Jack and Paul talk about taking a short break from this show until November or so.

Listen to the episode · Sep 4, 2020

Building an audience, analytics & virtue signalling

Jack’s Laracon talk, building an audience, what to do about all the virtue signalling in the ethical product space and much, European privacy laws and their impact on American businesses and services, and much more.

Listen to the episode · Aug 28, 2020

Credit cards, trust and why people buy indie software products

Jack and Paul talk about the reasons Fathom asks for a credit card up front, and how that impacts our growth.

Listen to the episode · Aug 14, 2020

Being competitive, YouTube and going viral

On today’s episode Jack and Paul chat about using competitiveness to your advantage, the good and bad of video games, how we dealt with a very viral customer, the logic of a privacy-focused company like Fathom using a platform like Youtube and Jack’s upcoming Laracon talk.

Listen to the episode · Aug 14, 2020

New hires and vacations

On today’s show Paul and Jack chat about bringing a privacy officer on board, why taking proper breaks are important (even if you run an indie business) and what we are considering for the future of Fathom Analytics (version 3).

Listen to the episode · Aug 7, 2020
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