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Above Board, the official Fathom Analytics podcast - page 6

A podcast exploring running an independent + bootstrapped software (SaaS) company. Follow Jack and Paul (the co-founders) in their journey of building and growing Fathom Analytics.

Published every month (or so), listen in on lively debates about growth, customers, software, and how they’re working to keep their business in line with their values.

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The Above Board podcast from Fathom Analytics

What’s the best pricing model for a SaaS?

Should you compete on price? Should you go after lots of smaller customers or a few massive customers?

Listen to the episode · Aug 2, 2021

Hiring, firing and retiring

How to approach bringing more people into Fathom to work on the core product and integrations.

Listen to the episode · Jul 19, 2021

Version 3 is live

Jack and Paul get candid about the behind-the-scenes of launching a major software product release.

Listen to the episode · Jul 5, 2021

The Markup on Above Board (Fathom)

In this episode Jack and Paul speak with Julia Angwin, the co-founder and editor in chief of The Markup.

Listen to the episode · Jun 21, 2021

Drug abuse and WWDC

Jack’s gone from 6 or more shots of espresso daily to cold turkey—and has been noticing a clearer head and slower thought processes.

Listen to the episode · Jun 11, 2021

It doesn’t have to be fascist at work

Jack and Paul share their views on the turmoil at Basecamp and why they deleted the episode of this podcast that featured DHH.

Listen to the episode · May 25, 2021

Sparktoro on Above Board (Fathom)

Today Paul caught up with Rand Fiskhin, co-founder of Sparktoro (market research + audience intelligence SaaS).

Listen to the episode · May 11, 2021

Investing in relationships

Database migration, scaling, and a v3 update (of course). Jack and Paul dive into why the sales process for SingleStore and why their personal (and technical) touch works so well. We also talked about when April Fools jokes can land (and when they can’t).

Listen to the episode · Apr 5, 2021

How to destroy the privacy of your entire customer base with a single line of code

Jack and Paul give their professional(ish) opinion the weight and risks of using external scripts on a website.

Listen to the episode · Mar 22, 2021

We landed a whale

We cover getting an amazing new customer using Fathom, the DogeCoin revolution and investing in general, and of course, some very specific details and features that are coming soon to Version 3 of Fathom.

Listen to the episode · Feb 19, 2021
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