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Above Board, the official Fathom Analytics podcast - page 4

A podcast exploring running an independent + bootstrapped software (SaaS) company. Follow Jack and Paul (the co-founders) in their journey of building and growing Fathom Analytics.

Published every month (or so), listen in on lively debates about growth, customers, software, and how they’re working to keep their business in line with their values.

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The Above Board podcast from Fathom Analytics

Does Jack Scale?

Jack and Paul talk about a wide array of topics related to running a growing software company.

Listen to the episode · Jun 6, 2022

Dr. Sherry Walling on the mind of entrepreneurs

Jack and Dr. Sherry Walling dive deep into our minds to discuss burnout, depression, the benefits of neurological diversification, the mental health fallout from Covid, psychedelic assisted therapy, and more for people who work for themselves.

Listen to the episode · May 22, 2022

Jordan Gal on competing with giants

Jack and Jordan Gal share stories from the front lines of indie companies. Starting and running a software business, mistakes made along the way, exiting a company built from the ground up, living with bigger competitors who get all the industry press, and so much more.

Listen to the episode · Apr 25, 2022

Is Google Analytics 4 a middle finger to SMBs?

On today’s show Paul and Jack chat about bringing a privacy officer on board, why taking proper breaks are important (even if you run an indie business) and what we are considering for the future of Fathom Analytics (version 3).

Listen to the episode · Apr 25, 2022

Is product market fit really just luck?

Is product market fit is something you can plan for, just luck into, or if it's simply a trailing metric you can only learn after the fact. And related, do you really need to build an audience before you build a product to sell?

Listen to the episode · Apr 11, 2022

How we’ve failed

Jack and Paul discuss our business failures... past, present and possibly even future ones.

Listen to the episode · Mar 28, 2022

Growth is testing Fathom

How a higher than usual growth rate has been affecting Fathom Analytics.

Listen to the episode · Mar 14, 2022

How can small businesses make a difference to Ukraine?

Businesses aren’t people, but they’re run by people. That means your own values can help inform actions and stands you take.

Listen to the episode · Mar 1, 2022

Should we take funding? (feat. Rob Walling)

Today we had the pleasure of chatting with Rob Walling, who’s built and sold several startups (like Drip) and now runs a startup accelerator for SaaS bootstrappers called TinySeed.

Listen to the episode · Feb 21, 2022

When to spend money

It’s important to consider how much of your revenue you should be spending

Listen to the episode · Feb 7, 2022
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