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A podcast exploring running an independent + bootstrapped software (SaaS) company. Follow Jack and Paul (the co-founders) in their journey of building and growing Fathom Analytics.

Published every two weeks (or so), listen in on lively debates about growth, customers, software, and how they’re working to keep their business in line with their values.

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The Above Board podcast from Fathom Analytics

Jack and Paul answer your questions (Pt. 1)

Listeners and customers sent in their questions for us to answer, and we did just that! Questions about our brand, infrastructure, upcoming features, and more.

Listen to the episode · Jan 16, 2023

Paul and Jack are back

Jack and Paul catch up on the last few weeks.

Listen to the episode · Oct 24, 2022

A brief history of (Fathom Analytics) time

In this episode, Jack and Paul look back to the beginnings of Fathom Analytics (which started in 2018).

Listen to the episode · Aug 29, 2022

Can bootstrapped startups survive a recession?

When the economy is hurting, do small businesses have to suffer? Jack and Paul discuss how Fathom is (hopefully) built to be able to weather financial storms by not growing beyond our means at any given time.

Listen to the episode · Aug 15, 2022

The art of making great decisions for your business

It’s no secret: Fathom Analytics is growing. So what are Jack and Paul deciding to do about growth regarding development, support, and the business in general?

Listen to the episode · Jul 25, 2022

When the business itself becomes the distraction

Today Jack and Paul get very candid about what’s going on with Fathom Analytics lately, specifically regarding distractions.

Listen to the episode · Jul 12, 2022

Can Matt Damon save Coinbase?

Coinbase just laid off 18% of their workforce and they rescinded all job offers that had already been already accepted.

Listen to the episode · Jun 20, 2022

Does Jack Scale?

Jack and Paul talk about a wide array of topics related to running a growing software company.

Listen to the episode · Jun 6, 2022

Dr. Sherry Walling on the mind of entrepreneurs

Jack and Dr. Sherry Walling dive deep into our minds to discuss burnout, depression, the benefits of neurological diversification, the mental health fallout from Covid, psychedelic assisted therapy, and more for people who work for themselves.

Listen to the episode · May 22, 2022

Is Google Analytics 4 a middle finger to SMBs?

On today’s show Paul and Jack chat about bringing a privacy officer on board, why taking proper breaks are important (even if you run an indie business) and what we are considering for the future of Fathom Analytics (version 3).

Listen to the episode · Apr 25, 2022
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