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Our commitment to helping this planet

Phrases like “save the planet” or “save the environment” don’t technically make much sense.

The planet and the environment were here long before us and will continue to be here long after us in some form, regardless of what we do or how we shape it. The earth itself doesn’t need saving.

What we actually mean is that we want to save ourselves and keep our environment tolerable.

We are not separate

We are not separate from our ecosystem, nor are we outside its system. Every living thing on earth is part of nature, using air, water, and resources, including humans.

As a species, we are now so powerful that nature is an expression of our own consciousness, bent to our wants and whims. When we do wrong by nature, it suffers, and then we suffer in the long term—when there’s no clean air to breathe, clean water to drink or safe food to eat.

The argument here isn’t to say that we cannot and should not use any natural resources. Life in nature takes when it needs and only what it needs and does so in a perfect symphony with all other life around it. Nature creates no damaging waste since any excess it produces is used as a substance for more life, creating a circle. Humanity has broken the circle into a straight line – where elements are taken, used, and discarded as waste.

We can solve problems

What sets our species apart from others is our creative problem-solving abilities and penchant for creating and using tools. We can live better with less if we make things more efficiently, build them to last longer, and create in such a way that it positively affects all other life. We have technologies, products and ideas right now to help us—humans are nothing if not incredibly resourceful. We’re a cunning species that has evolved to the top of the food chain with our ability to think creatively and develop tools for survival. And this is now a matter of survival for us and for many other species we share this planet with (who are going extinct at alarming rates). We must harness our inherent abilities to build tools and processes that positively affect all of nature. And we can do it if we slow down, become wiser with our use of resources, and are more far-sighted with every choice we make.

We have the power to change

Every government, company, community and individual has the power to change things, right now, without delay, through action. We can vote not just for elected officials but also with our wallets and our consumption for products and companies who align with making things better.

Saving ourselves on this planet for us does not have to mean huge sacrifice, just better/smarter choices that focus on long-term benefits. We need to optimize for tomorrow instead of merely for what’s the easiest today.

We know that changes need to be made, and we need to apply this awareness to action. Thoughts and prayers are not enough. We can get involved and use each of our unique and individual abilities to spark this change.

We can use our intellect and wisdom as a globally unifying force to create positive changes.

To this end, Fathom Analytics has pledged 2% of our ongoing gross revenue to environmental endeavours

  1. 2% of our gross revenue is funding next-generation carbon removal technologies in partnership with Stripe.
  2. Previously: 1% of our gross revenue was being donated to the Rainforest Trust until Nov 2021.

As people, businesses, etc., we urge you to join us in this fight and take similar actions.