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FathomCatz are a hand-crafted, pixel-tasty set of four original NFTs (based on our existing cat illustrations). Each illustration is a 1 of 10 (so up to 10 people can own each).

Adopp FathomCatz

Available now on OpenSea

Origin story

One stormy night (dark-mode was obviously enabled), the cats on Fathom’s website got together to Frankenstein our source code, turning it from website analytikz into the first-ever NFTTIME-INTERWEB-MACHINE!

Their initial stop was the late-90s when everything was ridiculously pixelated (no one knows why...). Here, they ran into other cats in their lineage, the FathomCatz.

FathomCatz? What? Huh?

Yes, we are a privacy-first analytikz company. Still, we also enjoy small side projects (especially if they have a charitable component). This is why we’ve created FathomCatz—handcrafted, pixel-tasty illustrationz based on our existing, original cat illustrationz.

  • What do cats have to do with privacy-focused website analytikz? ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN’.
  • Will Fathom ever get rid of our weird cats? HECKIN’ NO, YOU DAFT OR SOMETHIN’?
  • Why are we asking then answering our own questions? SSSH!


Luna is the unofficial mascot of the group. She enjoys lounging around the interwebz and cozying up to warm radiators on websitez. She’s also the friendliest and most outgoing.

Adopp LunaCat!



Olli is the only cuddly one in the group. But like most cats, he’s only cuddly when HE DEEMS CUDDLES AS REQUIRED. He enjoys snuggling up with other cats found on the interwebz and sometimes even cuddling with various other small creatures, like voles and/or minks.

Adopp OlliCat!



Osha loves food. Like, really loves food. She spends most of her time taking small nibbles of food JPGs on restaurant websitez and hoping no one ever notices. If they do, she’d deny everything.

Adopp OshaCat!



Link is standoffish (not to be confused with other types of fish) and is very much a loner. He’d rather spend time hiding under dark couches around the interwebz. That said, he’s the bravest of the group and willing to venture out the farthest reaches to explore (like Janeway on Voyager).

Adopp LinkCat!

How to adopp your own FathomCatz

Remember, adopping animals, even digital ones, requires a commitment of care and stewardship over them.

You should only adopp NFTAMMIMMALS if you are confident you can provide a forever home to them (or sell them to another collector who can).

Head over to our adoppion agen-sea to adopp one or more FathomCatz today.


We’ll be donating a large portion (the first $1,000 we make) of the sale and resales of FathomCatz to the BCSPCA, who have a whole databaez of real-life adoppable cats.

The planet

We use Polygon: The Eco-Friendly Blockchain Scaling Ethereum for these NFTs. This means we don't use the generic ethereum network, and Polygon's running cost is only 90 kW / hour.

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