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Privacy law compliance
Our legal documents

Community guidelines

We’re thrilled and happy when developers want to extend Fathom Analytics and build integrations or additional tools that work with our privacy-focused software.

As our software involves our exclusive intellectual property, there are a few things to note if you are building and marketing software that uses, connects to, or extends Fathom Analytics.

For sure do these awesome things

  • Use the Fathom Analytics logo when you link to our website ( to signify your product works with ours
  • Use your unique affiliate URL to link to Fathom (money in your pocket!)
  • Note on your site/product that you are not affiliated with or part of the company who owns Fathom Analytics (Conva Ventures Inc.)

Please don’t do these things

  • Don’t use “Fathom” or “Fathom Analytics” in your product name or URL, as that’s the name of our product. We’d prefer you use “FA”. For example, if your product or service connects Fathom Analytics to Zapier, do not call your product “Fathom 2 Zapier” with a domain name of, instead call it “FAZapier” with a domain name of
  • Don’t make it seem like your product is endorsed by or part of Fathom Analytics. Be clear that you aren’t affiliated with or part of our company.
  • Do not use our logo or a slight variation of our logo as your own logo. Instead add the Fathom Analytics logo elsewhere on your site to signify your product works with ours or use our “powered by” badge.
  • Don’t buy or bid on any keywords for advertising with the words “Fathom” or “Fathom Analytics”. This is why we suggest using “FA” in your product name, as we don’t own trademarks or IP for this abbreviation.
  • Any attempts to take unfair advantage of our product name, “Fathom” or “Fathom Analytics”, are in violation of our terms of service.

Doing any of the above will force us to terminate your API key and/or remove your account from our services.


When in doubt, send us an email to check to see if what you’re doing or planning on doing fits the above criteria.

If you’d like to report someone who you feel is doing the things we ask people not to do, please get in touch (so we can talk to our legal department about it).

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