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If you manage a high-traffic website or web application, don’t choose the wrong website analytics platform

There are plenty of budget analytics services out there, but Fathom is the best privacy-focused, GDPR compliant option that brings truly premium infrastructure to the table.

Quick integration · No cookie notices required · GDPR compliant

We scale infinitely, so if you get slammed with even more traffic, we’ll keep collecting stats and keep your dashboard loading quickly.

We run on serverless infrastructure, meaning we’re not scrambling around to add more servers to handle bursts of traffic.

Our database technology is fast, reliable and trusted by companies like Intel, Sony, Dell and Uber to handle huge amounts of data at incredible speed.

We don’t guess on the law. We’ve hired the world's leading privacy-law experts to review and vet our compliance to GDPR, PECR, CCPA and more.

Trusted by companies who value reliability and scale
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The reason that governments, banks, and household names use Fathom Analytics is because they trust our highly available, serverless infrastructure.

If you care about the uptime and reliability of your website analytics, start a 30-day free trial or reach out and talk to one of the co-founders.

Fathom’s scalable architecture

Website visitors

Your website visitors are served a small, fast-loading javascript file from one of our global entry points. Our script will never slow down your site (and is better for SEO than Google Analytics). Shortly after, their pageview is sent to us.


When a request (pageview or event) arrives at our door, it passes through multiple firewalls that check for spam & DDoS attacks, keeping your website analytics safe. We've invested heavily in protecting our systems and the integrity of your data.


Once the request passes through the firewall, it hits our infinitely scaling Lambda layer briefly, before it's placed into a queue. Lambda automatically scales up & down to handle the pageviews you send us, and is kept secure by the team at Amazon Web Services (AWS).


We use SQS, which can hold an infinite amount of requests. It's Multi-AZ, meaning data is backed up across multiple areas of the country, to ensure we don't lose any data. We also utilize SQS FIFO (first in, first out), which means that your pageviews are guaranteed to be processed in the order that they came in.

Background workers

Our cluster of workers then rapidly work to process all of the requests from SQS, putting them into our highly available SingleStore database.


We use the best database software in the business. It's highly available (spread out across multiple servers) and can be scaled to handle many trillions of pageviews with ease.

Reach out for a quote for our higher plans

Your analytics will never be turned off if you go over your page view limit. Instead, we’ll reach out to let you know a more appropriate plan based on your average page views per month.

Get in touch today for a quote on a high volume plan.

Note: The "free" version of Google Analytics allows for up to 10M pageviews per month. At that point, Google insists that you upgrade to Google Analytics 360, which costs $150,000/year. For our 15 million pageview plan, we charge $184/month.