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Although Google Analytics doesn’t cost you money every month, it’s definitely not free.

Google doesn’t give you access to their analytics software because they’re nice or altruistic. Giving you access to this service means that they have access to your visitors’ browsing data. And because they’re a profit-driven advertising company, if they aren’t charging you for their product, they’re monetizing your data.

Over 75% of websites have Google tracking code on them. That means they aren’t just keeping track of what you search for, but they’re keeping track of 75% of the websites everyone visits.

This is why we created Fathom Analytics. Our tracker collects zero personal or personally identifiable information from website visitors. We charge for our product, so we don’t need to sell information or data. That means, with our analytics tracker installed, and Google Analytics removed, your website becomes an impenetrable fortress from Google and anyone else.

The data that Google collects about all of us from their services can also be subpoenaed by lawyers and even used in civil cases (over 75,000 requests for 160,000 users were submitted in 2018 alone).

The same personal and personally identifiable information isn’t collected by Fathom Analytics. We don’t track individual browsing habits and prefer to track data in aggregate. So even if authorities or lawyers requested information about a website and it’s users, there’s nothing we could provide them with to identify specific users. Your website visitors and customers are safe and secure because their personal data is never collected by our software.

By switching to Fathom Analytics, you’re paying a fair price for a product (this is how our company stays in business). Because we charge our customers money, we have no reason or need to resort to selling data to advertisers or Big Tech. Plus, there’s nothing we could sell, since we don’t know who visits our customers websites. We only know their popular pages, popular referrers and a few other non-identifiable data points. Fathom Analytics isn’t backed by investors or venture capital firms, who require exponential growth at all costs, so we can keep our business completely ethical and above board.

If you decide to switch to Fathom Analytics as your website analytics provider, you’ll be giving your visitors and customers the privacy they deserve. Wouldn’t you like the same treatment from the websites you visit?

Fathom Analytics is a simple web analytics tool that’s easy to use and doesn’t collect or share personal data from your website visitors. Instead, you get a single screen with all the information you need to know to run your business.

The best analytics software isn’t the one that has the most information or hundreds of pages of reports, it’s one that quickly shows you what you need so you can get back to running your business.

Here’s why Fathom Analytics is a great Google Analytics alternative

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Make the switch from Google Analytics

You can see a full list of our features here.

If you’re already using Google Analytics but confused or overwhelmed by how it works, or if you just don’t want to support a company that treats you like a product, then check out Fathom Analytics. We’re a great alternative to Google Analytics, and you can give us a try with our 7-day free trial.