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How to set up and use Fathom Analytics

Fathom Analytics is a simple-to-use, privacy-first Google Analytics alternative. Our software saves you time because it’s one page (instead of thousands of pages of reports).

Let’s go through how to set up and use our website analytics software from start to finish.

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Step oneAdd our script to your site

To start collecting data on your site, blog, ecommerce store or web application, just add our light-weight embed code to your header. That’s it.

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You can add our embed code manually, via our WordPress plugin, or through any of our other integrations.

Note: don't use the above code, it's just an example. Instead use the code from your site settings page. You'd replace YOUR-SITE-ID with your actual Site ID.

Optionally, you can add additional features

Step twoGet to know your dashboard

Once your embed code has been added, you can instantly start viewing data on your dashboard. The dashboard is the centre of our software and is a single page of valuable data.

You can see totals, pages, referrers, conversions, campaigns, devices, countries, browsers and more. You can also switch to all sites view to see all your sites simultaneously.

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Optionally, you can also

Step threeEmail reports

With data showing up on your dashboard, you can now send yourself or anyone else either weekly or monthly email reports. Send a single site, multiple sites, or even all sites on your account - to yourself or anyone else. That way, you can get an overview of your analytics without logging into your account.

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Note: Each site is separate, so if you share it with someone via email reports or shared dashboards, they can’t see or access the other sites on your account (unless you also give them access to those too).

There is no step four

We’ve very purposefully made software that’s incredibly easy to sign up for, set up, and then use. You can go from starting a free trial to seeing stats show up on your dashboard within a few minutes.

Just a few of the companies already using Fathom Analytics
Mclaren Automative IBM HashiCorp GitHub New York Times Laravel

Fathom Analytics is a great GA alternative because it is focused on protecting visitors’ privacy and does not bog down loading times.

Nathalie Lussier Nathalie Lussier
Founder of

I value my time and my website visitors’ right to digital privacy. That’s why I’ve switched to Fathom Analytics.

Marshall Shorts Marshall Shorts
Founder of Artfluential

Privacy-protections aside, I love the beautifully simple interface. Fathom Analytics is now part of my default stack.

Derrick Reimer Derrick Reimer
Founder of SavvyCal

What makes Fathom a great Google Analytics alternative

We know that 85% of websites use Google Analytics. For most people, the next step after buying a domain and hosting is to install GA. It’s a habit too many of us have let unconsciously continue for years. Here are a few main reasons we think Fathom is a great alternative to Google Analytics.

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Why Fathom Analytics is a great Matomo alternative

Matomo, formerly called Piwik, is an open-source alternative to Google Analytics. It gained traction early as an open-sourced website stats analysis project. Here's why Fathom is an alternative to using Matomo for website analytics.

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Compare Cloudflare web analytics to Fathom Analytics

Cloudflare launched their web analytics at the end of 2020. They offer privacy-first, lightweight and simple website analytics—and their analytics are free. Fathom Analytics launched in 2018 and also offers simple, private-focused website analytics. Our product is paid, but as you’ll see below, paying for a product has benefits.

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Fathom Analytics: GDPR, CCPA and cookie law compliant website analytics

Fathom Analytics began from day one with a focus on protecting the digital privacy of website visitors and complying with privacy laws. This isn't just something used for our marketing purposes; it's how we built the business and our software.

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Fathom: Privacy-focused web analytics plugin for WordPress

Fathom Analytics is a simple-to-use, privacy-focused (GDPR-compliant) website analytics tool for your WordPress site. You don’t have to edit the code in your WordPress template to start using our software.

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Fathom: website analytics for European companies

Fathom Analytics was built from the ground up to be fully compliant with privacy laws in Europe. And, since we have intelligent routing, our script loads up to 50% faster than EU-only infrastructure.

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Fathom: website analytics software for agencies

Fathom Analytics is a simple-to-use, privacy-focused Google Analytics alternative created with agencies in mind. And as an agency, you can add up to 50 client dashboards (if you need more, you can quickly add more for a small additional fee).

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Fathom: a website analytic tool for creators

We understand independent creators because we belong to that group as well. Fathom Analytics was started by two creators (we're: course makers, book writers, podcasters and musicians).

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Fathom Analytics is simple website analytics

Analytics have become complicated. From Google Analytics to other third-party analytics, there are a lot of complicated analytics solutions out there. Each analytics solution provides infinite screens of reports and never-ending ways to overwhelm even the savviest website owner. Yet, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Fathom: a privacy focused Google Analytics alternative

By using Google Analytics, website owners are allowing Google (the largest advertising company on the planet) to track and store information about every website visitor to their website. To avoid this, learn why Fathom is a great Google Analytics alternative.

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Switch to a better Google Analytics alternative

Fathom Analytics is simpler, more accurate and privacy-first. Import your Google Analytics data (UA and GA4), add our single line of code, and watch real-time analytics from your site pour in.

Start a 30-day, unlimited free trial to see how simple analytics can be.

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