EU DPA declares Google Analytics illegal because it runs on US cloud providers. Fathom is a Canadian company, and all of your EU traffic never leaves German-owned servers.
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My stats seem inaccurate

If you are comparing Fathom to another analytics platform, the stats will no doubt vary. This isn't due to a problem with either platform, it's more to do with the following:

  • How many visitors are being counted by the analytics software. If you aren't using custom domains, for example, you may be missing visitors to your site in your analytics.
  • How each analytics platform counts what a "unique" is. For example, Fathom resets uniques each day, as a matter of privacy.
  • How each analytics platform determines time on page. Fathom, right now, determines this by looking at the duration between page views.
  • Ensure the analytics software you are comparing is present on ALL the same pages, and that you are comparing a date range where both analytics software were present.

By all means, use Fathom alongside your existing Google Analytics installation (or other analytics software). Just be aware that the data collected will definitely differ.

With that said, we recommend you stop sending your visitors' data to Google as soon as possible.

If you still have questions or require help with anything, please reach out to us and we'll happily get things sorted out for you.