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How does billing work

We bill all our customers monthly or yearly. If you choose yearly billing, you’ll save 17% (you can do this from within your account).

The 8th day after you start a trial is when billing begins, and you’re charged the price of the plan you selected when you signed up (or when you changed your plan).

So, if you sign up on March 20th, for example, you’ll be billed on the 8th day, March 28th for either the first month or the first year (depending on what you selected). If you’re on a monthly plan, your next billing date will be April 28th, where you’ll be billed the same amount (unless you change your plan). And so no.

If you sign up on March 20th, for example, and you select a yearly plan, you’ll be billed for the whole year (at a 17% discount) on March 28th. And your next bill will be March 28th, the following year (unless you change your plan to monthly).

You can switch between monthly and yearly, or between different plan levels (based on your monthly page views) at any time, and if there is credit on your account due to the change, it’ll be applied as credit to your account. For example, if you pay $140 for the year, and switch to monthly after the first month, you’ll have $126 credited to your account and then applied at $14 increments each month until it runs out.

If you still have questions or require help with anything, please reach out to us and we'll happily get things sorted out for you.