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Advanced script settings

Some settings, like canonicals and DNT can be adjusted in your embed script’s advanced settings. Other settings (like the ones below) can be adjusted from within your Fathom account.

Note: to take advantage of these settings below, ensure you use our latest custom domains setup. Otherwise, you won’t see the Script settings option in your site’s settings.

To adjust your script settings, go to Settings, then Sites, click on your site, then click Script settings under your embed code.

Script settings

EU isolation settings

By default, we enable EU isolation to comply with privacy laws and process EU visits in the EU and all other visits in the US. If you want to process all visits in the EU (regardless of where the visitor is), set EU isolation to Extreme.

Allowed domains

If you want to only allow data to be collected from specific domains, add them to the Allowed domains section of your script settings page. If you instead want to use excluded domains, see our advanced embed code settings.

This is useful if you do not want to collect data from your local development environment or are worried that other people may be using your script (by accident or otherwise).

If you add an allowed domain, this means you will not be able to view your script in a browser. Instead you'll see a 403 error message. This is because you've told the script to ONLY load when it's loaded via the allowed domains you've setup. So the error message means it's working.

We support wildcards here, so you can use * to allow both and (helpful if you don’t use canonicals). You can also do things like *, which, if you have user-generated subdomains, would allow,, etc.

IP blocking

If you want to block visits from a specific IP address (your own or someone else’s), you can add the IP to your block list. Note that we offer another method to exclude yourself in a specific browser.

You can also use wildcards in IP blocking if you want to block your entire company (for example), and they use similar IP addresses, like the same Class C block, for example, 1.1.1.XXX. In this case, you’d add 1.1.1.* and click Block IP.

We also support IPv6 addresses, for example, 2606:4700:4700::1111. You can add an IPv6 to your block list, and wildcards are supported here too.

Note: visitors with these blocked IP addresses will still be able to see your website, but their page views and analytics data won’t appear in Fathom.

Country blocking

Like IP blocking, you can block specific visits from anyone within a country.

Why would you do this? Say you’re getting a ton of traffic from a country that your business doesn’t serve; simply add that country to your block list. They’ll still be able to see your website, but their page views and analytics data won’t show up in Fathom.

Note: visitors from these blocked countries will still be able to see your website, but their page views and analytics data won’t appear in Fathom.

If you still have questions or require help with anything, please reach out to us and we'll happily get things sorted out for you.

EU DPA declares Google Analytics illegal because it runs on US cloud providers. Fathom is a Canadian company, and all of your EU traffic never leaves German-owned servers.