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Adding our script

Fathom Analytics works great for business and website owners who aren’t technical. All you need a single line of code in your header.

Standard Installation

You can grab your site-specific code by going to Settings, then Sites and then click on the Site ID.

If you use a custom domain, the URL in our code would change from our URL to your generated custom domain, like so:

CMS / Frontend Frameworks

We have instructions for the following tools in the "Install Site" area.

Past our standard configuration above, which works for most users, we also offer a lot of customizations for developers, people who use frameworks and plugins for folks who use content management systems.

To learn about all the options we offer, read our advanced documentation here including excluded domains, included domains, ignoring canoncials, honouring DNT, SPAs and more.

If you still have questions or require help with anything, please reach out to us and we'll happily get things sorted out for you.