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We’ve added UTMs to their own box on your dashboard now, so you can see them by campaign, source, medium, content and term. You can also filter by them as well. To see source, medium, content and term click on their tabs in the header row of the UTM box.

Note, to ensure no PII is sent to Fathom, we will strip out any of the following data that is sent to us via UTM or URL parameters:

  • Full names, partial names or usernames
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Mailing addresses
  • IP addresses
  • Credit card information
  • Cookie IDs or advertising IDs
  • Anything that can be used to identify end users or visitors in any way.

By doing any of the above, you are in violation of our terms of service (and in violation of privacy laws, if you do not expressly ask for consent to collect it), and can risk having your account deleted.

If you still have questions or require help with anything, please reach out to us and we'll happily get things sorted out for you.