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Introduced entries to the dashboard

  • Introduced "Entries" to the dashboard
  • Changed terminology and added tooltips to all table headers on the dashboard.
  • Fixed filtering of blanks to factor in NULL values
  • Moved away from using updates in our pageview ingest queries, making it super scalable (it's now append only). Non-technical customers won't fully understand this but it was a HUGE upgrade for us, and ensures we can continue to scal
  • Dropped Redis caching and moved to a faster cache database
  • Fixed remember me not remembering you (sorry about that folks!)
  • Dark mode fixes in Firefox
  • General UI improvements
  • Dropped DynamoDB completely (read more here)
  • Improved queue speed to ensure even faster real time data
  • Huge optimizations to current visitors performance, making it much faster for folks who don't have the box expanded. Win for users, as it means we don't load extra data that they're not needing, and it's a win for our database CPU ;)
  • Fixed dashboard issue where the pagination icons wouldn't change as you went between sites
  • Launched multi-tennant analytics BETA, meaning you can have a single site dashboard for hundreds of thousands of unique site names.
  • Fixed client side versioning so that it's automatic, not manual, when we deploy (huge for us, users won't notice)
  • Launched a gorgeous new features page
  • Fixed asset deployment to hook into our new CDN set-up
Sep 1, 2021

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