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Technical debt reductions

  • Tidied up some technical debt. Specficially, we removed some excess deprecated to improve page speed.
  • We removed support for ?utm_source and ?ref temporarily. We never actually announced this but we were breaking out the ?ref and placing it in referrers. The downside is that you then lose the referrer value. So our recommendation, for those who noticed the experiment, is to just keep ?ref in place. We'll be "pulling it out" when we move to Version 3!
  • Started denormalizing hundreds of millions of stat entries ahead of our move to Elasticsearch
  • We now hide the events box on your shared dashboards if you don't have any events set-up
  • Speaking of shared dashboards, you can now hide the purple promotional banner. If you hide it, you don't get the chance to earn 25% comission on people you refer, but some people are fine with that.
  • You can now configure invoices to go to multiple people, not just your account email. This is great if you have an accountant or boss who needs the invoices.
  • Fixed an issue where Current Visitors would fire, continuously, when Fathom has logged you out. You wouldn't have noticed this, but we did, so we now redirect you to the login page once you lose your session.
Sep 1, 2020

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