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EU Isolation

  • Launched our monthly newsletter
  • Launched a brand new affiliates page, with much more detail
  • Added error messages to our analytics API to help with development (sorry it took so long, early access folks)
  • Fixed bounce rate colour (🇬🇧) in emails. Again, sorry this one took so long, it's been on the list for a while
  • Brand new error pages, which we hope you never see
  • We completely migrated our ingest point to a new CDN provider. Previously, our script.js file was served globally, but the actual ingest was in the US, meaning it was slower for folks who weren't in the US. Well now our ingest point (pageview/event collector) is globally available, meaning your TTFB (nerd term, sorry) will be much lower, and you can let the local edge perform the slower request using their enterprise network. Long story short, everything is faster and more distributed. Watch this space, because we're about to launch something even more incredible.
  • Fixes to dashboard boxes on mobile
  • Deprecated user agent from being read on the client of the script.js file (ePrivacy Directive requirement)
  • Launched EU Isolation. A gigantic innovation in the privacy-first analytics space.
Oct 1, 2021

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