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All sites feature

  • Added iOS icon (if you save your dashboard to your homescreen)
  • # of currents switches to # of filters when filtering
  • You now have an "All Sites" option in your site selector. This page lets you view all of your sites at once, change the reporting periods, and monitor current visitors
  • Previously, "Last 7 days" would show a breakdown by hour. We've changed it so anything that's 2+ days will group by day. You can drag & zoom in if you want to see an hourly breakdown
  • You can now plot Avg time on site, Bounce rate and Event completions on the graph. This is really useful to see performance over time (e.g. is my bounce rate improving on my registration page? Are my event completions on the rise? etc.). To plot these, simply click the metric in the top, black box
  • You can now click the figures in the totals box to switch from absolute increase mode (e.g. pageviews +10 since last period) to percentage change mode (e.g. pageviews +10% since last period)
  • The whole left column is now clickable to filter. Previously you had to click the text to filter
  • Fixes to current visitors to ensure correct use of grid system
  • When there are no events, we now hide "Events completions" from the top black box
  • Added event completions to the All Sites view
  • Added delta (increase or decrease) to All Sites view
  • Added Y axis to All Sites view
  • Added pagination to child rows (paths) of Referrers
  • Various other bug fixes & implementing customer feedback
May 1, 2021

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