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Firewall settings

Unfortunately, custom domains are no longer offered. Please allow us to be fully transparent about why we've removed this feature:

Custom domains were always our best guess at how we could bypass ad-blockers... whose sole intent was to block us (even though we're privacy focused too). Meaning: we could (and repeatedly did) spend 100s of development hours on adjusting how we bypass ad-blockers, only to be blocked later on by a single line of code on their part. Those 100s of hours meant no new features could be worked on for Fathom, which is what we really want to be doing.

Currently, custom domains are blocked by uBlock and a few others, meaning they don't work the way they should. And none of us at Fathom want to offer a feature that doesn't work as it should to our customers—that's not the sort of business we're interested in running.

If you’re already using a custom domain, it’ll continue to work, but no information about it will appear on your script settings. But visitor data will continue to flow into Fathom without interruption or stoppage for as long as you use it.

Finally, we're currently working on something entirely different to allow you to bypass ad-blockers and make it look like our script isn't a third-party script. We'll be sure to let you know when it's available. More on this once we get some features out the door to customers like you have been asking us to build. :)

Other updates/fixes/improvements

  • Introduced blocked pages and the Firewall section of site settings, allowing you to block pages, countries, IPs and allow domains.
  • Pushed various bug fixes, tweaks to make Fathom incrementally better.
  • Moved allowed domains, blocked countries and blocked IPs to ingest our end. We used to handle this in the network firewall, where we'd return a 403, but this confused people.
  • Fix a pagination bug where we only ordered by the aggregation. We needed to order by the aggregate and then some kind of A-Z value
  • Continued work on our Google Analytics importer
  • Dashboard CSS & font upgrades (they're beautiful)
  • Show 0 on email reports instead of "-" when there's been no increase
Mar 1, 2023

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