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BIG database migration

  • Implemented profanity checker for Site ID random generator (long story)
  • Changed "today" comparison to compare with the previous day up to the current hour
  • We no longer observe replaceState in our javascript file, as it was causing problems for lots of frameworks.
  • BIG database migration. We now have the fastest website analytics in the game. Seriously, test our dashboard against others. Throw hundreds of millions of pageviews at us, and our dashboard will still be rapid!
  • Launched API early access. Want in? Email us.
  • More optimizations to our dashboard, including utilizing SingleStore for caching
  • Added abilities to API tokens, so that you can create read only, admin or "tracking only"
  • Introduced insight into usage within the billing section, so you can easily monitor pageviews/events/api calls
  • Paid down so much tech debt. Developers, you know how it is, and you know how good it feels
  • Migrated to new dashboard provider, and placed it behind a new firewall & CDN. It's much faster and more protected now
  • Added a Roadmap section
Aug 1, 2021

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