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Database and speed improvements

  • Removed the stats chart from mobile. Don't worry, we'll be adding it back in Version 3
  • Improvements to our database IOPS after one customer's analytics went super viral. We'll be moving to DynamoDB in Version 3 but this is a great solution for now
  • Improvements to database indexing, speeding up current visitors queries etc.
  • Limit current visitors to 150 pages as some customers were seeing thousands of entries (first world problem!)
  • Improved speed of data aggregation
  • Added total pageviews on hover. So if you see 1.1k in one of your rows, hover over it to see the actual figure
  • Added extra security to outbound links (noopener)
  • We now have a YouTube channel. But we only have one to reach an audience that is already using it. For others, we built a privacy-focused shield page that requires your consent before you visit YouTube. Radical? Perhaps. But we like it.
  • We wrote a ton of automation for various things to free up development time. This doesn't affect you (or excite you) in the slightest, I'm sure, but it's a win because it allows us to spend more time building Fathom
Aug 1, 2020

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