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Box search feature

  • Improved speed of dashboard
  • Fixed bounce rate in email when value was 0%
  • Timeouts increased for API queries
  • Added sorting to goals box
  • Upgrade to goals box, allowing easier creation of goals and customization of currency
  • Gorgeous new tab interface for editing sites
  • Fixed a bug where multiple requests would sometimes fire on dashboard despite some boxes not being ready (you won't notice this one but it improves speed!)
  • Added ability to inject non-numeric Site ID into the ?site query string parameter on the dashboard. Useful for folks that are using our API
  • Upgraded the search feature in the dashboard boxes. You can now search for a value and we will filter all boxes, not just the box you search in. This has also been added to the API as IS LIKE and IS NOT LIKE
  • Added an RSS feed to our status page
Apr 1, 2022

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